2018 Annual Impact Report

Recommitting To Our Roots and Envisioning The Future

Co-CEOs and sisters, Rebecca Hamilton and Emily Schwerin-Whyte.
Co-CEOs and sisters, Rebecca Hamilton and Emily Schwerin-Whyte.

2018 was a year of transition for Badger. After nearly a decade of working together as a family leadership team, our founder and father Bill Whyte stepped down as acting CEO and passed leadership to my sister and me, as CoCEOs (Collaborative Executive Officers). Our mother, Katie Schwerin, continues to support the company as our COO. My sister and I chose to use the title collaborative executive officers because we wanted to acknowledge that our leadership engages a cross-departmental strategic and family-based team for daily high-level decisions.

Badger's 2018 Annual Impact Report
To learn more about what we’re dreaming up for the future, read our 2018 Impact Report!

Although the transition of leadership did not immediately impact our daily operations, this was an opportunity for our family to take a step back and re-envision the future course for our company. Through this visioning process, we determined that we needed to take a more active role in healing the earth. We recognized the critical need for companies to be leaders in fighting climate change and saw that through taking on regenerative organic agriculture, we could make a substantive difference.

While Badger has taken an important step towards prioritizing external impact, we continue to make all daily decisions using the guidance from our mission of “money as a fuel, not a goal” and we continue to let our principles be our guide as we grow and improve in every area of our business. We are so excited by what Badger has become over the last 23 years, and we hope to continue to build on our founding mission as we evolve and grow!

Curious to learn more? Follow along our next few posts as we share what steps we are taking to heal the earth…and how you can join, too!

While we like to think we have a lot of good ideas, we don’t have all of them. What are steps you would love to see a company take to help heal the earth?

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