New 2019 Sunscreens and a Free Sunscreen Giveaway!

New 2019 Sunscreens Badger
New 2019 Sunscreens from Badger

2019 Sunscreens with Clear Zinc Oxide!

We’re huge fans of having fun in the sun (while being safe and responsible of course!). That’s why we’ve expanded our clear zinc sunscreen line in 2019 and introduced more sunscreens that are less whitening! Put your hands together to welcome three new clear zinc sunscreens for 2019: SPF 15 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion, and SPF 40 Kids Clear Zinc Sunscreen Cream.

Clear Zinc Sunscreens are here!

These new 2019 sunscreens are all the rage here at Badger, and here are three reasons why:

Clear Zinc Oxide

The active ingredient in all three sunscreens is known as clear zinc oxide. As a refresher, here’s an excerpt from last year’s blog introducing our first clear zinc sunscreens:

“Uncoated “clear” zinc oxide acts like a non-nano particle in that it stays on the surface of your skin. However, it is actually made up of smaller nano-sized particles that are fused together into larger clumps so that no free nanoparticles exist in the product. These clumps are porous, like sea sponges, and their structure allows them to appear sheer on the skin, making them a safe, effective and aesthetically pleasing option.”

So, just like the large particle non-nano zinc oxide used in our sunscreen creams, clear zinc oxide also sits on top of the skin. The big difference is that it’s much less whitening. A zinc oxide win-win! 

Coral Reef Safe / Reef Friendly Sunscreens

The base ingredients in all three sunscreens (SPF 15 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 30 Clear Zinc Lotion, and SPF 40 Kids Clear Zinc Sunscreen Cream) are natural and organic, so they’re safe for you and the planet, and reef friendly, with no ingredients shown to harm coral. In the SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion, over half of the formula consists of Fair Trade Certified Aloe. Who knew enjoying the sun safely while also caring for the earth could be this easy?  

Sunscreens Made In-House

2019 Sunscreens at Badger
2019 Sunscreens made In House at Badger

Did you know that all of our sunscreens are manufactured on-site at Badger? Doing so allows us greater quality control (our standards are very high) and ensures you receive the best product possible. No sitting around in a warehouse for months on end. We make every sunscreen right here in New Hampshire and then send it straight to you.

New Sunscreens for 2019

2019 sunscreen lip balm Badger

SPF 15 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lip Balm

We’re pleased to introduce a lip balm with SPF that is non-whitening! Long-awaited and often requested, this new SPF 15 Clear Zinc Lip Balm replaces our original, large-particle non-nano zinc oxide version. The only change in the formulation is the switch from zinc oxide to clear zinc oxide. Everything else remains the same, from the moisturizing shea and cocoa butter to the extra virgin olive oil and soothing beeswax. It’s reef friendly and water resistant too (for at least 40 minutes of swimming and sweating), so it’s a sure bet as a summer staple!

2019 Sunscreen Clear Zinc Lotion Badger

SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion

This reformulated sunscreen lotion is absolutely magic. We took a product we loved already (our original SPF 25 Sunscreen Lotion with large particle non-nano zinc oxide) and made it even better. Not only does the clear zinc make it less whitening, it now has a higher SPF value of 30.

Important note: this sunscreen is not water resistant, so please don’t slather up and then hit the waves, because it’ll wash right off and leave you unprotected. Instead, this is the perfect sunscreen lotion to wear while walking the dog, enjoying your friend’s outdoor BBQ bash, or as daily protection from those UV rays. Being easy to apply and non-greasy are two more great reasons to make it your day-to-day sunscreen.

2019 Sunscreen Clear Zinc Kids Sport Badger

SPF 40 Kids Clear Zinc Sunscreen Cream

Last, but certainly not least, is our new SPF 40 Kids Clear Zinc Sunscreen Cream. This sunscreen is in addition to our original SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen Cream so now you have two choices! What makes the clear zinc version different? It’s less whitening, has a higher SPF of 40, and is water resistant for at least 80 minutes of swimming and sweating (increased from 40 minutes). The delicious fragrance of organic essential oils of tangerine orange and vanilla makes it hard for kids of all ages to keep their hands off.


When it comes to sun safety, sunscreen should be your last resort. Check out the EWG’s handy list of tips for how to stay sun-safe. But, when you do need to slather up for protection, it’s “clear” these sunscreens will be your new go-to choices. Happy outdoor adventures!

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