A Badger Walk in the Woods

A Badger Walk in the Woods
Or… How to Walk a Healthy Trail When Office Life Happens

By Badger Emily Mason

It’s 2 pm, afternoon break time, and I am walking on the small, discreet trail in the woods built last summer behind the Badger factory. As soon as I pass the garden and enter into the trees, I hear the ever-loving sounds of the Ashuelot River and the summer birds overhead calling back and forth to one another.

A Badger Walk in the Woods

I breathe. I smile. I move forward. 

My office brain—so recently occupied with deadlines, customers’ orders, personal performance and periodic thoughts of whether there are enough groceries and did I leave the car seats with the kids—clears and I am just wholly me once again, a single person, humbled in the great wonder of it all. And it’s saving my life.

Like so many of us, I have found myself caught in the crosshairs of being committed to working full-time and managing personal health. It’s important to note, however, that it’s not just the office body I’m talking about; the physical toll of sitting in a chair for forty hours a week. It’s the office brain that needs to be contended with just as deliberately. And the struggle is real.

To those of you familiar with Buddhist teachings, you probably know where I’m going with this. It’s the concept of the small mind, big mind. That is to say; it’s the idea that our small mind is our task master and list maker. It keeps us on track for dropping off the children, being prepared for a meeting and remembering to buy toothpaste when you need it. But we cannot live a balanced life when we are driven by our small mind alone; it’s a rather busy, anxious place. The big mind, on the other hand, is what feeds and sustains the spirit. When we make space to daydream, to contemplate the universe, to feed the spiritual self, we are attending to our big mind. Only when there is a balance between our small and big mind is it that calm, confidence, and self-actualization can occur.

Emily working the Wind River Range of Wyoming, circa 2000

We have a long-standing motto here at Badger to “Walk a Healthy Trail.” I used to read it and think that it was great marketing to share with the world. Now I see it from a much more personal perspective. I’ve come to believe that what it takes to persevere in a regular, climate-controlled office environment can be just as existential as what is needed to thrive and carry-on anywhere, whether it’s in the great outdoors, as a parent, or in any other dedicated context, whatever that may be. No matter what kind of life you lead, or how hard your small mind is working to get you through, it is my hope that we can all find ways to walk a healthy trail every day. Even if that literally means building a trail in the back yard.

Emily M - Part of Badger's Awesome Customer Service TeamEmily Mason has been a cheerful member of the Badger Customer Service team since 2011. Before coming to Badger, she studied environmental advocacy and organization at Antioch University New England and fell head over heels in love with the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. When she’s not answering product questions or meeting the needs of customers and retailers from near and far, she can be found actively parenting the next generation of Badger enthusiasts and adventuring in the area by foot, bike or canoe.
Emily’s favorite Badger products:  Badger Balm Unscented , Sore Joint Rub, Tea Tree & Lemon Balm Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, & After-Bug Balm.

4 comments on “A Badger Walk in the Woods

  • Emily,
    Reading this made my heart swell with glee and a smile come to my face. When I designed and built the trail at Badger, this is all that I hoped for. I am so happy to know it is serving the purpose we all wanted. Working with Badger staff was pretty great as well and I hope to come by again soon for a walk of my own to feel the magic in the Badger woods. Keep smiling and walk a healthy trail.

  • Emily! You are an amazing person, inside and out!! Yes, we need to reconnect with or inner selves, remember who we are as individuals before children, work, keeping up with a household, etc. I, too need to engage my “big mind” because my small mind is always so full of the little details! So, I say we take a trip together when the children are a little bigger and reconnect with nature and our “self”s.
    Self confidence? I believe you have it my friend- great article!!


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