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Late last night, I was outside in the cold and dark, standing quietly, looking up at the moonless night sky. We have an outside wood-burning stove that heats our home and I go out every night to feed the fire. In the clearing by the stove house there are no lights to dim my view of the sky and the stars appear to me, glorious, shimmering and brilliant in the crisp clean air.

I have read that in the Ancient Days, the stars sang to The People of the Earth, giving inspiration and guidance. I always feel in awe and comforted in the presence of the stars. They certainly look like they can sing and if ever they decide to honor me, I won’t be surprised.

Here’s what I’m thinking: we don’t need much “stuff”. Warmth. Food. Health. Family and friends. Beauty and truth. Keep it simple. It really doesn’t take much to sustain us. My wish is for all of the people of the earth to have these things. I want to do my part to make this happen. It may take decades or even lifetimes, yet if each of us does our best, even in small ways, we will begin to make a difference. And eventually, we will succeed. That will be my wish tonight under the stars.

May you have what you need this season and all seasons.




Badger Bill
for the Badgers

Bill Whyte is the Founder of Badger. He started Badger back in 1995 in his kitchen when he made some balm for his carpentry cracked hands. In addition to his continued work here at Badger, Bill is a black belt in Aikido, an avid gardener, an artist, and a delighted grandfather. Bill's favorite Badger products: Ginger Massage Oil, Cheerful Mind Balm, Seabuckthorn Hair Oil, and Navigator Class Man Care (all of it!)

2 comments on “A Special Message from Badger Bill

  • Carlos Alvarez says:

    Hi Bill,

    What a beautiful message just in time for Christmas. Indeed, we do not need much, just the warmth of our loved ones around us. I wish you and BadgerBalm a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year.

    Happy 2015!


  • Karen Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing these warm winter thoughts. It is so true that we don’t need all of the “stuff”. The basics you mentioned are more than enough.
    Many blessings of the season to you and yours.


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