Badger’s B Corp Gift Guide – 2021

It’s that time of year again! Here in New England, windows are laced with frost, scarves and sweaters abound, and the world seems to be settling down for a wintry nap. We Badger elves are hard at work making products, packing them up, and shipping them out—and putting together our annual B Corp Gift Guide, of course!  

Why make this list a yearly tradition, you ask? Well, read on to learn why we get so excited about buying from B Corps…

“Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.”

Especially during the holidays, it feels great to know that choosing a gift for a loved one can also be a choice for a better world. When you buy from a B Corp, you’re joining a global movement that supports businesses putting people and the planet ahead of profits. That’s a gift for everyone.

So, without further ado, read on for some of our favorite B-eautiful finds!

Give the gift of sleep

For that special someone who could definitely use a little more shut-eye. With these B Corp finds, from PJs to sheets, they’ll soon be snoozing in style.

Best paired with: Sleep Balm

Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed with this soft, fragrant balm, one of our most well-loved products. Bulgarian lavender calms the senses, bergamot diffuses worries, and balsam fir clears your mind like a walk in the woods. Apply anywhere—lips, chest, temples, or hands—breathe deep, and let the enchanting fragrance lift you away to peaceful dreamscapes. 

Searching for a dreamy gift to pair it with? Look no further! Sleep on organic cotton sheets made in a Fair Trade factory (with 91% less water used than conventional cotton). Step into cozy slippers made from locally-sourced raw sheep wool and upcycled salmon leather, handcrafted by a network of independent artisan women in Patagonia. Or snuggle into soft flannel pajamas made proudly in India by women working to remain free from human trafficking.

Lakhi Flannel Pajamas from Sudara

Give the gift of relaxation

For the soul searcher, deep thinker, and truth seeker. Support their practice and rejuvenation with gifts from these truly mindful companies. 

Best paired with: Aromatherapy Travel Kit

Pocket-sized aromatherapy pick-me-ups. This Aromatherapy Travel Kit includes each of our Cheerful, Focus, Stress Soother, Headache Soother, and Yoga & Meditation Mind Balms to help you refresh, relax, and renew with the power of organic essential oils. Treat yourself or a friend to the ultimate gift of stress relief!

Support their meditation practice with an organic and vegan Meditation Pillow, gift a cozy tea selection from one of our favorite tea companies, or give them a place to doodle and dream with a 100% recycled journal. These gifts feel mindful through and through!

Give the gift of magic

Because sometimes, the best gifts are… the teeniest ones! From lollipops you can plant to matches that spark ideas rather than flame, brighten someone’s day with a little bit of magic that fits in their pocket.

Best paired with: Badger Lip Balms

A little magic for your lips! Our USDA Certified Organic lip balms are super moisturizing and packed with powerfully pure ingredients like beeswax, olive oil, aloe, and plant extracts. These natural ingredients moisturize and protect, making these lip balms excellent for facing the elements anywhere you go.

For more tiny gift ideas, we recommend visiting the B Corp Uncommon Goods! They’ve got everything from botanical lollipops on seed-filled sticks (plant them after you eat them), to “matches” printed with fun ideas and bits of inspiration. And for eco-friendly jewelry, check out Boma. Their handcrafted pieces are made with recycled metals, including a full Zero-Waste collection.

Give the gift of self-care

Do you know someone so busy they never seem to take any time for themselves? (Us, too.) With these B Corp finds, they can infuse any busy day with a little extra luxury.

Best paired with: Beauty Balm

With a rich golden color, a buttery texture, and a dreamy scent, this nourishing treatment keeps skin soft, smooth, and happy. Organic extra virgin olive oil and beeswax create a silky-smooth consistency, while precious oil of Damascus Rose provide its signature luxurious fragrance.

Pair it with a soothing candle handpoured by a female artisan, or a robe and sleeping mask made from organic cotton. And, of course, it wouldn’t be true luxury without some chocolate! Alter Eco fights climate change through dynamic agroforestry—and their chocolate is delicious.

Give the gift of adventure

This one’s for the thrill-seeker who’s always planning their next escapade. With these B Corp finds, they’ll be prepared for any outdoor adventure.

Best paired with: Sore Joint Rub & Sore Muscle Rub

Relief when you need it! Badger Bill created this original Sore Muscle Rub to soothe his aches and pains from regular Aikido practice, and now it’s your turn to benefit. Experience the power of cayenne and ginger to soothe away stress and sore muscles, perfect for before and after exercise. Our Sore Joint Rub contains more than double the amount of cayenne extract, for extra warmth and circulatory support—plus arnica for aiding muscles and joints in recovery.

Itching for more adventurous finds? These full-cushion socks from Bombas are perfect for hiking, and for every pair purchased, one pair is donated to someone affected by homelessness. The vacuum-insulated canteen is specifically designed for sports and the outdoors. And while the National Parks aren’t technically a B Corp, we figured their Annual Pass deserved an honorary spot on this list.

Give the gift of Badger

When in doubt, you can always gift a tin of Badger Balm. When you buy a gift from Badger, you’re gifting a sustainable product made with 100% solar power. You’re supporting family-friendly business practices and buying from a B Corp. And you’re gifting an organic, high-quality treasure for a loved one to enjoy!  

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