Babies at Work: Meet Sarah and Heath

Badger Babies at Work

One of the most popular and innovative benefits that Badger offers to employees is “Babies at Work,” which allows new parents to bring infants into the workplace. The policy is robust, taking into consideration all parties involved: parent, child, as well as the Badger community that shares a daily space with them. You can read the full outline here, but the gist is that new moms and dads are allowed to bring infants into the workplace until the child is 6 months old, or begins crawling whichever comes first.

There are lots of benefits to this program for both parents and the Company. And while the policy itself is approached from a practical standpoint, the decision to implement it came from the heart of the family behind Badger. The Schwerin-Whyte family who own and operate Badger (also the “W.S” in W.S. Badger, the company’s formal name) is devoted to a healthy workplace, the underlying thread that ties the Badger business together. And a big part of having a healthy workplace is supporting families. So in addition to Babies at Work, Badger offers maternity and paternity leave, flexible scheduling, and even an affordable childcare center about a half mile down the road.

CEO & Head Badger Bill totes little Heath around the office. Heath is Badger's 10th Baby at Work.
CEO & Head Badger Bill totes little Heath around the office. Heath is Badger’s 10th Baby at Work.

But the biggest benefit to Babies at Work is the adorable little faces it brings into everyone’s day. So without further ado meet Heath, our 10th Badger Baby at Work. His mom, Sarah, is Badger’s Administrative Coordinator and when I asked her about the program she had this to say:

“It’s such a gift to have this 3-month transition period to ease back into work after having a 3-month maternity leave but not have to leave my baby so soon. A baby at work isn’t always easy (though Heath is a joy), but I wouldn’t trade this time for the world!”

When Sarah and Heath aren’t at Badger, they are working at Vera Flora farm here in Gilsum, where Sarah is owner, farmer, and floral arranger.

Say hello to Sarah and Heath in the comments below, and be sure to check back for regular update on our Babies at Work program!

Jentri Jollimore has been with Badger's marketing department since 2008, and active in the natural products industry for more than 10 years. When she's not handling PR and Social Media for Badger, she enjoys playing guitar, composing songs, and writing scores for short films. Jentri's Favorite Badger products: Damascus Rose Face Oil, Beard Oil, Seabuckthorn Beauty Balm, and Badger Balm.

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