Badger Art through the Years (and giveaway)

Badger art: it’s whimsical, colorful, playful, and fun. And it has been a constant throughout Badger’s history. When I think of Badger products, I think of Badger art. They seem to go hand-in-hand, just like olive oil and beeswax.

Badger art has been a part of our products from the very first tin. In 1995, Bill made the decision to put his money into having beautiful painted packaging as opposed to generic tins with homemade labels. As his wife Katie sagely advised, “If you’re going to do it, do it right.” So 10,000 tins were printed with a happy badger holding a golden orb of beeswax. And that’s how Badger art came to be.

But did you know that Badger art extends to more than just the packaging? In honor of our 20th birthday, I’ve dug up all the Badger catalogs for a walk down memory lane, and I’m takeing you with me! I’m also including staff photos, when available, just for fun. So join me now to enjoy Badger catalogs through the years… a gallery walk from the comfort of your chair! (Click the images to enlarge.)


Our wood chopping Badger! This catalog came out in the fall/winter of 1999 and it’s the earliest example I can find. It has a whopping four pages!

1999 Badger Art Catalog


Badger Bill’s daughter Rebecca, who was 17 at the time, drew this beautiful cover. Bill had asked her to do a drawing called “Look Far.”

2000 Badger Art Catalog


Aloha, Badger! This was the year we said “aloha” to our fabulous Aloeha Mists (which we said “aloha” to a few years later).

2001 Badger Art Catalog

The esteemed Badger staff circa 2001. Many of those smiling faces are still with the company today! You can see how much we grew in just one year.

2001 Badger Staff - 1

2001 Badger Staff - 2


This is one of my favorite Badger covers, and one of the most unique.

2002 Badger Art Catalog

The esteemed Badger Crew in 2002.

2002 Badger Staff


Badger Katie painted this cover to show the wonderful and exotic ingredients used in our products.

2003 Badger Art Catalog

A fine selection of products and an even finer selection of “live Badgers!”

2003 Badger Staff


The catalog cover featured wood chopping Badger again. But hey, look at our fabulous staff!

2004 Badger Staff


Sunscreens make their first appearance, as you can see by this sunny cover.

2005 Badger Art Cover

2005 Badger Staff


Our catalog goes horizontal, and Apothecary Badger makes its first appearance. Our staff continues to grow – familiar faces from the past; lots of them you’ll still find meandering HQ today!

2006 Badger Art Catalog

2006 Badger Staff
2006 Badger Staff


Once upon a time, a badger fell asleep amid a bed of herbs and flowers, and had the most remarkable dreams…

2007 Badger Art Catalog

2007 Badger Staff
2007 Badger Staff


Our first catalog bearing the USDA certified organic seal!

2008/2009 Badger Art Catalog

The laughter and applause was in response to Bill’s harrowing run from behind the camera to the table to be in the photo… he did a somersault! (This is also my first staff photo!)

2008/2009 Badger Staff


Badger still “Looks Far,” this time with an illustration by local artist Kate Beetle.

2010 Badger Art Catalog

Badger staff in the snow, including Emily’s baby Maya, who was born in November!

2010 Badger Staff


Wouldn’t you love to be these Badgers?

2011 Badger Art Catalog

One of my personal favorites, as far as staff photos go, because of the sunlight. This was also the last staff photo taken at the old Badger building!

2011 Badger Staff


Featuring one of our favorite ingredients: jojoba!

2012/2013 Badger Art Catalog

Our first staff pictures at the new Badger HQ!

2012 Badger Staff
2012 Badger Staff
2013 Badger Staff
2013 Badger Staff


First of many catalog appearances for The Master of Space and Time. #BadgerSupermodel

2014 Badger Art Catalog

Badgers in their natural habitat.

2014 Badger Staff


Fresh, whole botanicals brimming with life force.

2015 Badger Art Catalog

Here we are just a couple of months ago! These friendly folks keep Badger humming along. They are the people who answer your calls, make, sell and market your products, balance the Badger books, cook organic lunches for the entire staff, and generally keep the good stuff coming.

2015 Badger Staff

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All we want for our birthday is for you to be happy… and if you share this blog post with your friends, that would be awesome too!

Jentri Jollimore has been with Badger's marketing department since 2008, and active in the natural products industry for more than 10 years. When she's not handling PR and Social Media for Badger, she enjoys playing guitar, composing songs, and writing scores for short films. Jentri's Favorite Badger products: Damascus Rose Face Oil, Beard Oil, Seabuckthorn Beauty Balm, and Badger Balm.

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