Badger Customer Appreciation: 20 Years of Awesome {Giveaway}

By Emily Mason, Badger Customer Service team member

Ruthie, Badger fan with her “baby” Mojo.
Ruthie, Badger fan with her “baby” Mojo.

You may think you’re reading a blog about Badger and you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking so, but SURPRISE! This blog post is all about you, our fabulous customer.

As we gear up to celebrate our 20th (TWENTIETH!) year in business this month we (the Badgers in Customer Service) can’t help but to get a bit reflective about the times we’ve had together. This is my 5th year working at Badger and one of the things I adore about my job is working directly with our customers. It’s this very relationship that keeps us excited about what we do. We absolutely love hearing from you and actually share many of the stories and testimonials you send us at our company-wide meetings. It’s you who sustain us!

Your dedicated Badger customer service team, from left to right: Christina, Jason, Anna, Badger Bill, Emily (back row), Mary (front, tan shirt), Kelli, Brenna & Jess. Yes, they are as awesome as they look!
Your dedicated Badger customer service team, from left to right: Christina, Jason, Anna, Badger Bill, Emily (back row), Mary (front, tan shirt), Kelli, Brenna & Jess. Yes, they are as awesome as they look!

We thought we’d take the time now to pull back the curtain a little bit and share some of our favorite customer service moments in Badger history. Of course, we have a strict code of confidentiality in our department, so I can’t be too revealing about our conversations, but I will say that we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve blushed(!) and we’ve been deeply moved by all the myriad ways we’ve connected with you all over the years.

Some of our callers, for instance, are simply legendary. One of our favorite co-op buyers, with a dark sense of humor, places her orders in crazy spooky voices, adding Silence of the Lambs references for good measure. It definitely keeps order-entry entertaining. We also have some super passionate buyers such as our hero from an HEB store who can order all of our products by both item number and UPC code.

And then of course we have our individual customers who are purchasing Badger for so many heartfelt reasons. With a philosophy of formulation that puts someone we know and love with a problem at the forefront, it’s always a good feeling when people who have found relief from their ailments let us know that we’ve helped them. We hear daily from people or the parents of children with allergies and sensitivities who are doing epic amounts of research on their products to be able to keep their families safe with pure and transparent ingredient information. I hear stories from people who live or travel in extreme conditions, from people with arthritis and skin conditions, from the desperately sleep deprived and from the parents fighting the good fight against diaper rashes.

We also have some favorite long-term correspondences. One of our customers is a flight attendant who goes everywhere with her trusty cocoa butter lip balms, sending us photo updates of her world-traveling Badger.

Hey, shouldn't you be flying the plane? Thanks, Cheri the Flight Attendant!
Hey, shouldn’t you be flying the plane? Thanks, Cheri the Flight Attendant!

And our Hawaiian friend who torments us with pictures of her glorious island home to help us through New Hampshire’s snow and ice season.

This is not New Hampshire in the winter.
This is not New Hampshire in the winter.

At this point, you might actually be feeling a little suspicious. What a minute, you wonder… what about the complainers, the hard to please and the people who assume the worst? That happens, too, of course. But those voices are outweighed entirely by the volume of Badger love. To the dog owner who uses Badger Balm for her dog’s cracked paws in the winter, we love you too. To the snorkeling guides in the Virgin Islands who are frustrated by other companies’ misleading claims about reef safety and proudly use Badger, we love you too (and would love to visit!). To the famous guitar player who uses Badger lip balm to keep his fingertips moisturized without damaging his guitar strings, thank you for the music video – it was such a gift! And to all the people who use Badger in unusual ways, you are our kindred spirits. We thank you for collecting seeds in our tins, for waterproofing your boots with our balms, and for repurposing our products so creatively. We are honored to be a part of your lives. You are so appreciated by all of us!!

PS – to the drunken singers who left us a holiday message two years ago… we love you, too!

Emily M - Part of Badger's Awesome Customer Service TeamEmily Mason has been a cheerful member of the Badger Customer Service team since 2011. Before coming to Badger, she studied environmental advocacy and organization at Antioch University New England and fell head over heels in love with the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. When she’s not answering product questions or meeting the needs of customers and retailers from near and far, she can be found actively parenting the next generation of Badger enthusiasts and adventuring in the area by foot, bike or canoe.
Emily’s favorite Badger products: Nutmeg and Shea Moisturizer, Rose Tourmaline Lip Tint + Shimmer, Badger Balm Unscented , & Baby Sunscreen.

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