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Who says Man Care has to be just for men? Each of the products consist of ingredients that work (and smell!) great for just about anybody. Here are a few tips on how to repurpose every Man Care product, regardless of gender.

Badger Caity loves our Man Care products! Read on to find out why.
Badger Caity loves our Man Care products! Read on to find out why.

Beard Oil = Hair Conditioner

Our best-selling Beard Oil certainly does a fantastic job of moisturizing those wispy beard hairs as well as the skin underneath. However, many of us lady Badgers enjoy repurposing this product as a daily hair conditioner for the lovely locks on top of our head. Simply pour a few drops into the palm of your hand, rub hands together for even distribution, and massage oil into the tips of your towel-dried hair. A little bit goes a long way with this oil, so apply it sparingly! Once the oil is evenly distributed, you’ll enjoy newly conditioned hair that smells earthy and delightful.

Tip: To ensure that the top of your head does not look greasy, apply oil only on the bottom half of your hair. If you have short hair like me, use this minimal pour technique: cover the top of the open bottle with your palm and then flip both the bottle and your hand over quickly and then upright almost immediately. This will leave a thin layer of oil on your hand, just enough for your hair to handle.

NEW! Beard Balm = Body moisturizer

Badger Organic Beard Balm

Once again, no beard here. I do like repurposing this product, however, as a body moisturizer. The babassu and jojoba oils make for an incredible moisturizer while the beeswax helps to lock in that moisture. And of course, the smell is incredible without being overpowering. This has become a permanent staple on my nightstand.

Tip: Once again, a little bit goes a long way with this product. But don’t let that stop you from digging in. Using your index and middle fingers, gently dig into the balm to remove as much as you need. Massage it into your skin and revel in the knowledge that you’re treating your skin with care.

Hair Pomade = Hair texturizer (My favorite!)

I recently discovered the glories of having short hair. I love it! While it means less fuss, it also means a different kind of styling than I was used to with longer hair. Thank goodness for the hair pomade. I love using just a little bit of it for added texture. After towel drying my hair and adding other styling agents (such as mousse), I blow-dry for a few moments before adding the pomade. Next, I dig out an amount the size of a dime, rub it between my palms to warm it up, and then apply it directly to the tips of my hair. In addition to having awesome hair every day, this product also acts as an incredible moisturizer. Talk about double-duty!

Tip: For a slightly wispy look, I use my thumb and index finger to gently twist random tips of my hair.

Organic Navigator Class Hair Oil by Badger

NEW! Hair Oil = Hair conditioner

Although new, this product has quickly become a part of my daily regimen. I like repurposing it as a moisturizer by rubbing it into the tips of my towel dried hair. While I love the Beard Oil, I now prefer using this new hair oil primarily because it’s lighter in consistency and has menthol crystals, one of my favorite ingredients that we use here at Badger. It also leaves my hair feeling well cared for and my scalp nice and refreshed!

Tip: This hair oil can also be used as an intensive treatment. Simply apply the oil directly to scalp and hair roots and massage until the oil begins to be absorbed. The amount will vary depending on the degree of scalp dryness. For extra hydration, pour about the size of a nickel into your palm and apply. Then, wrap your hair in a towel for at least an hour, or leave on overnight (but be sure to protect your linens!). In the morning, simply shampoo your hair as usual.

Mustache Wax = Extreme Cuticle Care

I discovered this alternative use for this product during the dead of winter when my cuticles were at their worst. The powerful occlusive nature of the carnauba wax, beeswax, and jojoba oil ensure that my cuticles are protected, while the babassu oil and shea butter are super moisturizing. My cuticles have never looked better!

Tip: While the Mustache Wax can be a bit tricky to get out of its container, be patient. Simply dig your finger into the wax. You will notice that the heat from your finger will begin to soften it, making it easier to remove. Still can’t get it out? Some Badgers recommend using a hair dryer on a low heat setting to soften up the wax.

Additional Uses from Other Badgers:

Badger Jason likes to combine a bit of softened Mustache Wax with his Hair Pomade to create a stronger hold for his stylish hair.

Badger Jentri uses it on her face while shoveling snow in the winter. Helps to protect from windburn!

Pre-Shave Oil = Shaving!

An unfortunate truth of mine is that I have sensitive skin, making shaving a nuisance to do on a consistent basis. Thank goodness for the Pre-Shave Oil! I simply slather this on my skin before shaving to ensure a close, clean shave that will leave my skin less irritated. Works like a charm.

Tip: Be sure to warm up your skin before applying the Pre-Shave Oil. This helps open your pores and perk up your hair, preparing the skin for a close shave. Want to take it a step further? Warm up the Pre-Shave Oil, too! Fill your sink (or a container) with warm (not hot) water. Set the bottle of Pre-Shave Oil in the warm water for a few minutes, then apply and enjoy!

Shave Soap = Body Soap AND Shave

I never travel without this Shave Soap. Not only does it create a great lather for shaving but also for cleaning the body. This is by far my favorite body soap here at Badger! I do also use this soap for its intended purpose, shaving. Who can resist that incredible lather?

Tip: When using this soap to shave, a shave brush creates the best lather. Since I was not too familiar with shave brushes before now, I originally thought I could bypass the shave brush and be just fine. While this is certainly possible, I will admit that my world was changed when I discovered the incredible lather a shave brush is capable of.

After Shave Tonic = Soothing Relief for Sensitive Skin

Even though toners are not commonplace in the world of women’s shave products, they are still incredible for helping to care and soothe shaved skin. I love repurposing our After Shave Tonic by applying it to my just shaved legs and underarms, after shaving with the Pre-Shave Oil and Shave Soap. This Tonic leaves my sensitive skin feeling refreshed and well cared for.

Tip: Once again, a little bit goes a long way with this one! To control the flow, firmly place the palm of your hand on top of the open bottle, flip both the bottle and your hand over quickly and upright almost immediately. This will leave a thin layer of oil on your hand.

After Shave Oil = Body Oil

Badger’s Body Oils are some of my favorite products. I love massaging these moisturizing oils onto my skin immediately after showering and towel drying. When the After Shave Moisturizing Face Oil came out, I couldn’t help but repurpose it as body oil. Sunflower and baobab are incredibly moisturizing oils that don’t leave a greasy after-feel. There’s also a delightful hint of bergamot, and the menthol crystals are gentle and refreshing on the skin. This face oil has officially become a regular in the body oils I commonly use.

Tip: Since I use a lot of this oil, my technique is to pour about a dime-sized amount of oil into my palm. I will then apply this general amount to each part of my body (leg, arm, torso, etc.). I try not to pour too much into my hand, though, for fear of making a mess!

While the Navigator Class line specifically says “Man Care” on the packaging, I don’t let that stop me from enjoying every single product. Go ahead. Repurpose a Man Care product. Just because you have had a rough time facing the elements doesn’t mean you should let a gender specific product stop you from looking gorgeous. Because remember, You too, are the Navigator.

Badger Caity - Man Care Enthusiast

Have an alternate use for your favorite Badger product? Leave it in the comments below!

Caity Stuart has been at Badger for five years and has loved every minute of it. Caity loves a good story (who doesn't?). Luckily, as the Digital Content Manager for Badger, she gets to put her creative hat on and dream up new ways to tell the Badger story to customers near and far. When not enjoying free lunch at Badger, Caity loves practicing yoga, going on crazy adventures with friends, and exploring the numerous trails throughout New Hampshire. Caity's favorite Badger products: Badger Balm for Hardworking Hands, Seabuckthorn Face Cleansing Oil, and Tea Tree and Lemon Balm Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

3 comments on “Badger Man Care – Not Just For Men

  • diana vanderslice says:

    I have super thick coarse salt & pepper pixie cut, would badger hair pomade give me shine and messy hold ?
    new to your site.
    thank you for your time
    Diana V.

    • My husband has very thick hair and the pomade works well for him. A little goes a long way! It gives a lot of shine but if you over apply it may look greasy. It separates, smooths hair down and keeps hair in place without making stiff or sticky.

    • (Great feedback, @anna-lena!) Diana, from my experience, when I had short hair (which was also thick and course), the Badger Hair Pomade worked great! Primarily, it helped give a little more shape. When I wanted a bit more of an extreme hold, I grabbed a few more products for assistance. But for an everyday messy, light hold, I loved using the Badger Hair Pomade. And @anna-lena said it best…a little bit certainly goes a long way. Can’t wait to hear how it works for you!


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