Badger’s Lavender Bliss + Giveaway

It’s our birthday and we’re celebrating with Lavender Bliss!

Read on to find out what that means, and enter to win a Relaxing Lavender Gift Set!

Walking through a field of lavender bliss

As you might expect, we Badgers love celebrating our birthday. And this year our little company turns twenty-two. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

So, This year we thought we’d celebrate a little differently. And when we sat down and put our fuzzy heads together, we realized that we could all use a little bit of levity right now to lighten these heavy days.

In other words: it’s October and we’re feeling like we need to relax.

Enter lavandula angustifolia aka lavender – the magical little purple flower pictured above. At last count, we have about 40 products with lavender in them. So why not celebrate our birthday by putting them all on sale at once!

Lavender Bliss

Lavender Bliss

Lavender has been used for centuries all over the world for its beauty, soothing aroma, and flavor. It’s most commonly used here in the US for stress support and relaxation. That’s why you’ll find lavender featured prominently in our Sleep Balm, Night-Night Balm, and Stress Soother.

But the lavender bliss doesn’t stop there. We love blending lavender with other floral oils, like rose and chamomile. You’ll find this trio in our Damascus Rose Beauty Line. In aromatherapy rose warms our heart and makes us feel beautiful. Roman chamomile and lavender help us to relax while soothing our emotions. So when you combine all three, you get an experience of true self-care and self-love.

And it’s important to note that not all lavenders are created equal. Some are extracted with solvents which taint the oil, and some are just plain not lavender. “Lavender fragrance” does not always equal lavender.

So to really get all the lavender bliss in your life, you need to use the real stuff. Badger uses pure USDA certified organic lavender oil from Bulgaria. The flowers are steam distilled to extract the oil. This means that the flowers are boiled in water, and the steam is collected and cooled to separate oil from water. (Check out this video if you want to see steam distillation in action.) Steam distillation is one of the oldest distilling techniques in the world and is still the best way to get oil from lavender plants without using solvent chemicals. And the best part is that steam distillation produces lavender oil with all of the aromatherapeutic benefits and none of the solvents. #bliss

So are you ready for some lavender bliss?

Enter to win one of two Relaxing Lavender Gift Sets! Check out the giveaway below.

In the meantime, shop all 40 Badger products with lavender while they’re 20% off!

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