Badger Beeswax Candle

Get your sustainable matches ready to light up our Outdoor Candle! Did you know this candle is helping to reduce our production waste? At the end of each body care production run, we use food-grade organic oils to flush the lines. The resulting oils and waxes or “gleanings” are then added to organic beeswax and citronella essential oil to make this clean-burning, all natural outdoor candle.

Save Every Drop

At Badger, our Save Every Drop program incorporates recycling, reusing, composting, and minimizing waste. For years now, we’ve sorted our incoming cardboard boxes and reused them for shipping. We make compost and use it on our Badger gardens. We participate in commercial composting programs to repurpose some of our more challenging ingredients. We look carefully at our inputs and outputs and we strive to be thoughtful and modest in all that we do.  So we decided to turn the leftover oils from balm production into candles!

A Badger Beeswax Candle

In addition to using our Rainbow Oil, we wanted to include only clean, organic ingredients in our new Outdoor Candle. Here are four reasons why we think this candle will be your perfect summer companion:

  1. Clean-burning and all natural. Organic beeswax. Organic citronella oil. Gleanings from the manufacturing of our certified organic products. Cotton/paper wick. Rest easy knowing you can breathe deep with these natural ingredients.
  2. Citronella. Sweet and lemony-smelling, Citronella derives from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant. While Citronella is traditionally used to keep the bugs away, it is also incredibly refreshing and uplifting. Summer nights just got even more delightful!
  3. Portable tin. This plastic-free tin comes with a lid! When the wax has cooled, you can throw it in your bag for your next camping trip, outdoor picnic, or stargazing adventure.
  4. It’s more than just a candle. Have you ever burned through a candle but there is more wax left that you don’t know what to do with? Because this Outdoor Candle contains only natural ingredients, try using this as a wood and/or shoe polisher when you can’t burn it anymore. Wherever there is a problem, there is bound to be a solution!

Let there be light! A Badger candle history as told by Badger Bill

“One day, I noticed that we had accumulated multiple 55-gallon barrels of leftover oil and wax. I asked a few questions of our Production Badgers and found that when we completed a run of 10,000 tins of balm, we would flush the lines with organic olive or sunflower oils to prepare for the next day’s run. So the “waste” was actually a mixture of the organic oils used to clear the lines and a small amount of whatever balm was being run that day! At 2-3 gallons per day, we would end up having a 55-gallon barrel each month of this wondrous oil mixture. I asked for one of these barrels to be mixed and a sample provided to me. It had the consistency of a thick and creamy oil with a mild citrusy aroma.

Since all of the ingredients in our balms are edible and organic, I asked what it would take to collect this oil in a way that would be completely hygienic. The production team developed a new protocol to collect, handle, and record these last few drops of every product run. Each month’s barrel resulted in a “vintage” of the oil used to clear the lines (usually organic olive oil) and a blend of the various balms produced that month. This new mix of magical ingredients, or Rainbow Oil, even inspired us to start a new program called Save Every Drop.”

Saying “no” to waste

At Badger, we are part of a global movement to eliminate waste and create a new consumer paradigm that results in healing, rather than harming our planet. And we do this by mimicking nature and transforming linear systems into circular loops. We see every ingredient and material we might normally view as “waste” as a precious and valuable resource. We are at the very beginnings of this quest, and it holds tremendous promise. Sometimes all you need is a little light to guide the way.

6 comments on “Badger Beeswax Candle

    • Thank you, Hector – we agree! We hold our pollinator friends in very high regard. All of our beeswax is very carefully sourced and as part of the USDA organic standard, the bees must be raised in a habitat and fly zone free from exposure to synthetic chemical pesticides, treatments, and fertilizers. This assures and protects their access to clean drinking water and food sources, which is an increasing rarity for many bees worldwide.

  • Kezia Edwards says:

    What a wonderful program you have started! I love buying my products from a responsible company that truly cares!

  • Sheryl Hoopes says:

    I love how you do things and watch out for the earth. I am so proud to use your products. Thank you for all you do!


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