Best For The World: Badger Makes the List

Best For The World: Badger Makes the List!


Badger was honored to be included on B Corp’s 2016 Best for the World and Best for the Environment lists compiled by B Lab, the non-profit that created the B Corp certification! We made the list by achieving a score in the top 10% of all B Corps for our overall and environment performance on the impact assessment. We were ranked #12 for businesses in our size category on the Best for the World list, and #6 on the Best for the Environment list.

What does this mean?


In order to remain a certified B Corp, we must undergo a recertification process every two years by completing the continually updated B Impact Assessment. This rigorous process demands transparency and accountability and evaluates our social and environmental performance as a company. We are then scored in the following categories: Environment, Community, Workers, Customers, and Governance.  In order to become a B Corp, a company must achieve an overall score of 80 or higher. On our most recent B Impact Assessment, we achieved an overall score of 138, and an Environment score of 57!

Why does it matter?

Our B Corp certification is an important part of who we are.  It connects us to a community of like-minded companies seeking to make a difference in the world, and through the B Impact Assessment, provides structure for evaluating our impact and measuring our progress.

At Badger, we understand that awareness is the first step to enacting positive change. After all, you can’t shift what you don’t understand. We strive to raise our score with each recertification because we believe that a higher score means greater positive social and environmental impact, the ultimate change we seek.

What’s next?

This is Badger’s second time appearing on the Best for the Environment list (we were also recognized in 2015), and our third time making the Best for the World list (previously honored in 2013 and 2014)! We are preparing to conduct our fourth B Impact Assessment in the coming months and look forward to continuing to measure and improve our social and environmental impact!

Why I Care

I’m kind of a B Corp groupie. I prioritize purchasing from companies with this certification, follow them on social media, and read blog posts and articles about B Corps in my spare time. Weird? Maybe. But I just love this community of companies who want to use business as a force for good, hold a communal vision for a healthier, happier, more inclusive world and strive to make improvements in support of this goal.

More than that, B Corps continually monitor their progress. Here at Badger, the process of recertifying through the B Impact Assessment every two years challenges us to transparently and accountably prove our commitment to social and environmental benefit in measurable ways. True, I’m a data geek, but I love getting to see all of the ways we are working to constantly improve our impact. I love the B Corp movement, a community that continues to measure what matters and knows that there is no limit to the positive impact we can enact in this world.


Jess is Badger's Sustainability Manager & Community Coordinator. She came to Badger after earning a Master's degree in Environmental Studies, for which she co-created an Environmental Management System for Badger. An herbalist and Reiki practitioner, Jess is on a mission to heal people and the planet and feels abundantly grateful to have found her dream job with her dream employer! Jess enjoys making jewelry and medicinal herbal elixirs, running, learning and teaching about food as medicine, reading, and spending plenty of time in nature and in community, Jess’ favorite Badger products: Unscented Face Cleansing Oil, Damascus Rose Body Oil, and Poetic Pomegranate Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

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