Beyond Do No Harm: Musings on Impact

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One of the most rewarding things I get to do at work is crunch data around Badger’s social and environmental impact. Sound boring? It’s not! We use that information to monitor our social and environmental impact and ensure we are walking the walk. While opening a new Excel spreadsheet and populating it with numbers may not be the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters, it allows us to tell meaningful stories that can inspire positive change around the world.

Plus, impact data really gets my blood pumping and my soul singing! I get to figure out things like how many acres of organic agriculture worldwide it took to grow all of the ingredients Badger used in 2017. And how many pounds of materials we’ve kept from becoming trash since starting our waste assessments in 2015. (The answers are 1,778 acres and 38,000 lbs!)


zero waste journey 2015 - 2017

A Broader Connection

Back in winter when I was working on our 2017 Impact Report, I binge-watched Planet Earth II on Netflix. For those who haven’t seen it, Planet Earth is a groundbreaking, beautifully done BBC mini-series that takes viewers to far-flung reaches of the planet, giving us a front row seat to the amazing and complex ecosystems that exist there. David Attenborough narrates brilliantly, telling the stories of various creatures from their perspective, rather than our human one.

For me, watching this series allows me for just a moment to abandon my human viewpoint, and imagine myself as a pygmy three-toed sloth swimming between mangroves, or as a marine iguana hatchling running for my life from a horde of wily racer snakes (a scene not for the faint of heart!). In these imagining moments of connection to the broader natural world beyond my backyard, I understand and connect more fully why we at Badger are so committed to doing the work we do- to help restore balance, and to protect the future of people and planet, alike!

Badger’s 2017 Impact

We may be a family-owned local NH business, but Badger’s impact is global. So when you purchase a tin of Badger Balm, you’re not just supporting healthy business, you’re supporting transformational farming practices worldwide. You’re supporting the training of 6,000 sustainable beekeepers in Zambia. You’re supporting a Moroccan women’s cooperative that processes argan fruit into oil, benefiting the welfare of the women and their families, as well as preventing erosion through the cultivation of this soil-holding plant species.

Highlights from our 2017 Impact Report: In every aspect of our business at Badger, we mindfully source ingredients, packaging, food, and products through supplier partners aligned with our healing mission. We support regenerative agriculture, like Soler Romero, our supplier-partners in Spain whose organic olive oil is a key ingredient in many of our products. The cultivation of their olives restore and protect our interconnected global ecosystems through practices that capture carbon in soil and safeguard biodiversity. We cultivate partnerships with suppliers who share in our mission and vision for a healthier world. People who, like us, strive to reach beyond “do no harm,” to the realm beyond of using the power of business to revive and heal the earth.

To learn more about what you’re supporting when you choose Badger, read our 2017 Impact Report!

What impact do you seek to have on the planet and people in your lives? Tell us in the comments below!


Jess is Badger's Sustainability Manager & Community Coordinator. She came to Badger after earning a Master's degree in Environmental Studies, for which she co-created an Environmental Management System for Badger. An herbalist and Reiki practitioner, Jess is on a mission to heal people and the planet and feels abundantly grateful to have found her dream job with her dream employer! Jess enjoys making jewelry and medicinal herbal elixirs, running, learning and teaching about food as medicine, reading, and spending plenty of time in nature and in community, Jess’ favorite Badger products: Unscented Face Cleansing Oil, Damascus Rose Body Oil, and Poetic Pomegranate Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

2 comments on “Beyond Do No Harm: Musings on Impact

  • I always love reading your blog posts. They are so inspiring and informative. My impact on people around me is that I try to educate them regarding healthy nutrition, organic lifestyle and toxic free skin care/beauty products. Sometimes I am being called a tree hugger or health nut and I actually take it as a compliment. So what if I love mother nature and would actually gladly hug a tree? Being a health nut means to me that I watch what I eat and which type of products I buy not only for my own health but also due to the impact on our earth. We should spread the word and all become health nuts and tree huggers. I explain to people why I buy USDA organic certified products or fair trade whenever I can. There is still a lot of misinformation going on regarding the USDA certification. One of my coworkers said he watched a documentary regarding the USDA seal and all you have to do is fill out some paperwork and you get it. Well I know for a fact that this is incorrect. Yes, you have to fill out an application, but there is also a verification process as well as inspections. The same debate goes on with GMO vs non GMO-there are lots of people out there who believe the non GMO movement is just a marketing hype. That is why it is so important that we find our voices and stand up for what is right and what we whole heartedly believe in. Badger has also inspired me to do so. I think it’s great that you share your report and findings with your customers. It shows integrity and that you truly stand behind your work and mission statement. Makes me feel even better about supporting Badger. You will always have my continued support. Warm wishes and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much, Anna-Lena! We always love hearing from you, too! In addition to USDA Organic and Fair Trade certifications (and many others we ascribe to), we love B Corp certification because it’s a holistic, inclusive thorough view of overall social and environmental impact. It asks the hard questions of those who certify, and provides a transparent, consumer-facing way for folks to know how a company stacks up in various categories of impact. Thanks for your words of encouragement, and for your support!


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