Celebrate The Great Outdoors

celebreat the great outdoors
Today’s blog post comes courtesy of our awesome marketing intern Heather!

Spring rains have subsided, black flies are nearly all gone, gardens are flaunting more green tones than brown, and after you’re freed from work, ample daylight awaits you. So what better month to dedicate the title of “The Great Outdoors” than the month of June?

The folks at the National Wildlife Federation are celebrating with a month-long awareness campaign, and Badger is hopping on board in hopes of encouraging everyone to get outside more!

The benefits of being outdoors extend far beyond catching your daily dose of Vitamin D or grilling up your favorite dish to munch on. In fact, studies have shown that spending time outdoors is a major stress reliever. Did you know that when you’re digging around in the soil, whether to eliminate weeds or in search of crawlers, you’re actually releasing bacteria that helps your body produce serotonin (our brain’s happy neurons)? So getting dirty has more benefits that just looking forward to a cleansing shower!

Gardening Feeds the Body and Spirit

Speaking of playing in the dirt. When I’m not inside writing blog posts, I’m outside working in the spectacular Badger gardens. Not a bad job, huh? And though gardening is part of my job; it’s also a gratifying hobby and a great way for me to get outside and get dirty after a long day! Gardening lends itself to the practical-minded thinker, the goal setter, the naturalist, and the whole family.

Heather working in the Badger Garden
Heather working in the Badger Garden

At Badger, we incorporate aesthetics, education, spirituality, and nutrition into our garden plans. What we grow for produce, we use in our daily employee lunches so that everyone has the chance to enjoy it. Our freshly planted herb walk is used as an educational tool to teach visitors about the herbs we use in our products. And while our labyrinth is growing more (ahem) weeds than Calendula right now, the plant coverage doesn’t negate the fact that the winding walk is soothing and stimulating to the body and mind. These are just a few of the many ways a garden can provide pleasure aside from food.

Guests of Badger enjoying our on-site labyrinth.
Guests of Badger enjoying our on-site labyrinth.

Giving Back Feels Good

If you’re searching for a sense of community, try volunteering at a local non-profit or organization in your area. This is a fantastic opportunity to spice up your daily routine, meet new people in your area, and raise your moral compass all in one fell swoop. Twice a year, Badger employees conduct a roadside cleanup as well as engage in other activities that benefit the local community. Employees also receive paid time off to do volunteer work on their own throughout the year. Not sure how or where to volunteer? Check out this website to search by zip code, or scan your local newspaper to find openings. Who knows, maybe you’ll be so taken with your new activity that you’ll start something similar of your own!

Enjoy Fun, Free Family Activities

If you have limited free time and prefer to spend it with your loved ones, fear not, there are endless (and FREE!) fun activities to do outside with the whole family. Here are just a few:

  • Try moving your meals outdoors. Pack a picnic for you and the gang and make plans to venture a little farther away from home.
  • Create a wildlife journal. Bring pencils, crayons, watercolors, mud—whatever you’d like to draw with—and have fun capturing nature in all her glory. For a how-to template of an outdoor journal, visit this page created by National Outdoors Day.
  • Go bug hunting. See how many bugs you can find and identify, and then make a sketch in your wildlife journal.
  • Hunt for and find fairy homes. Little and big kids alike can have fun with this activity.
  • Play a game. Frisbee, soccer, capture the flag, or make up your own!
  • Explore your backyard through the eyes of another. What would the world look like to a ladybug?
  • Build a fort. Who says you need snow to build a fort? Use dead twigs, leaves, and rocks to create a den of your own.
  • Bring the outdoors inside. Collect materials to design your own terrarium and enjoy the outdoors when inside, all year round!

Get Outside Year Round

June isn’t the only month to cross the threshold to the great outdoors; each month brings its own beauty and allure – so enjoy them all!

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” –Aristotle

What activities get you outside and enjoying nature? Let us know in the comments below!

Heather Gorawski has recently joined the Badger Team as our Gardener Assistant/Marketing Intern. She thinks this combination is just the bees knees. A recent graduate from Champlain College, she acquired her degree in Communications and Marketing. Following graduation she spent many months traveling the globe, WWOFing and building her natural knowledge so she could return and let it loose on the Badger Gardens! When she is not writing blog posts or chasing woodchucks from the gardens, she enjoys riding her horse, kayaking and finding fairy homes.

Heather’s favorite Badger products are: SPF 34 Anti-Bug Sunscreen (perfect for garden work!), Cheerful Mind Balm and the Argan Face Cleansing Oil.

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