We Are In This Together

A note from our co-CEOs:

Our Pledge to Customers, Partners, Employees and Communities in Response to COVID-19

On Friday, March 27, New Hampshire Governor Sununu issued a stay-at-home order, allowing only essential businesses to remain open. Having been deemed an essential business, Badger will continue to operate fully.  We know that we hold a great responsibility to our employees, customers, partners, and the community to ensure that we are creating a work environment that is safe and healthy while doing our part to slow the spread of the virus. 

Here’s what we’re doing to protect our…

Workers’ Health, Safety & Financial Security

  • Employees who can are now set up to work from home.
  • Enhanced protocols for social distancing and rigorous cleaning and sanitizing have been enacted onsite, including additional deep cleanings more frequently in high-touchpoint locations.
  • Employees working onsite are receiving additional pay for the duration of the New Hampshire stay-at-home order.
  • Job retention for all employees is a priority, which includes increased paid sick leave and continued benefits for anyone who chooses to self-isolate, as well as cross-training and flexible hours, where feasible.

Suppliers, Partners, Customers & Communities

  • Committing to continuing to pay our suppliers and partners with a focus on supporting long term partnerships.
  • Shifting production to focus on essential products most needed during this time.
  • Establishing an emergency fund for local organizations responding to the effects of the coronavirus.
  • Actively seeking out local organizations where excessive hand washing and hand sanitization is a necessity to donate badger healing balm.

In addition, Badger’s Co-CEOs and the family team have elected to take a 20% reduction in salary until the business and employees are all in a safe, healthy, and economically secure place.

We remain grateful for your loyalty, support, and cooperation as we work together to make the best of this situation.

Thank you for doing your part to help slow the spread of the virus and flatten the curve.


Emily and Rebecca, co-CEOs

19 comments on “We Are In This Together

  • hello. Badger. hello Emily and Rebecca.

    The world seems to be in a turmoil with the attack of this virus.
    Here across the pacific we have the same problem.
    our children are staying home, school is quiet, parents are burning out^^;;

    I just sent an email to your customerservice with a suggestion
    of importing one of your product officially.

    and I just wanted to make sure that it was read and tossed to you
    to be taken care of.

    I’d be waiting for your reply.

  • I am a nurse working during this pandemic. I just placed an order with your company for the first time. I am having trouble with my hands breaking out so I am looking for new products to help with this problem. Hoping your sensitive skin balm helps! Ordered a pack of assorted sticks and travel balms as well! Cannot wait for my order to arrive! Thank you!!

    • Ellen, thank you so much for braving the front lines. We hope our balm helps, too!! Let us know how it goes. Wishing you all the very best and glad to be there with you in our own small way. Good thoughts from all of us here at Badger!

  • Christine Fitts says:

    I can’t Thankyou enough for your wonderful products I use daily. I work in an Emergency Dept. local and depend on your products for my survival kit during these tough unfortunate times with Covid 19. I am a customer & firm believer in your products before Covid, now this is my survival kit that I have shared with ALL my co-workers. From the hair oils (to keep my hair from drying out, from washing so often, to the lavender sleep balm to help sleep at night, to cheerful & focus balm sticks I rub a dab in my mask I wear for 12/14 hrs day. to the most important hardworking hand balm to help with keeping my hands from falling apart from ALL the washing. I can’t THANKYOU enough for the hardwork you ALL have contributed in these times of uncertainty. Know you are supporting me on the front line all the way!! Stay healthy….Thankyou again ❤️

    • Christine, thank you so much for your courageous care and for your long time support. We are so glad to be with you during this crisis and to know that we are helping in some small way. Thank you for your bravery – you make a difference!! -Your Badger friends

  • What a great company you are.
    Question: Are the employees who handle out going products to customers wearing masks and gloves?
    Thank you for being such a wonderful company. I love your products.

    • Hi Susan, we are not requiring masks and gloves for external packaging but we are taking great care to keep ourselves, our community, and our customers safe by increasing our already high sanitization protocols and have implemented social distancing measures that have drastically changed the way we work. All employees who were able to work from home now do, and we have split our remaining operational and quality staff into two shifts which do not overlap. While there have been no reports that we know of from transmission by cosmetics, we would recommend treating any packages received in the mail as you would your groceries or other mail. Wishing you safety and wellness. Kindly, Emily

  • Diana Shepherd says:

    Being a small family business, deemed
    essential, we to put our employees safety and concerns first too. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  • I would love a tour once this is all over. Your products are a must for the family….it would be lovely to meet the people that make the products. Also your response is fabulous!

  • Christine Stelmack says:

    I went there last year for your tent sale and a tour of your factory. Very impressive and a beautiful building.


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