Employee Appreciation at Badger

It is very important to me and the other owners at Badger that people who work here feel acknowledged and appreciated for their work. Every day, I see the commitment, dedication, and goodwill from everyone who works at Badger, and it inspires me!

Sarah and Tal work with me on the community events and activities team at Badger, and I asked them about their thoughts on employee appreciation. They pointed out that we do this year-round in many different ways!

The calendar marks Employee Appreciation Day each year in early March, but at Badger, we appreciate our employees in ways big and small year-round! Most recently, a bunch of Badgers led by our COO Katie, went caroling department to department around the building on Valentines Day singing, We love you Badgers, Oh yes we do! …”. And our all-company Fun Day once a year allows us to do things like canoeing on the Connecticut River, spending a day at the ocean, having a cookout and playing team building games. And this year we had a special breakfast for all employees – just because! And then there are the surprise snacks (popcorn, hot cocoa and cookies!) that our cooks put out at staff breaks. We do these things to show our appreciation for our whole team because Its the right thing to do.

  • New product launches, and everything that goes into them (After Bug Balm! Mom Care! Sunscreen reformulations!)
  • Production’s persistence on the BIG orders, the small runs, and the inevitable machine breakdowns
  • Making Badger products easier to learn about through our website and social media
  • Large shipping days, like 400 web orders on Cyber Monday!
  • For dreaming up new systems, products, ideas and even whole new buildings, and then making those dreams real.
  • And for working through all the construction noise that went into our new warehouse and production space this past year – (even if we did have the quietest crew in New England)!


The Badger Company does all of these things for the people who work here simply because, “It’s the right thing to do.”  As a B-Corporation, Badger truly believes running a successful business is all about the Triple Bottom Line: of People, Profit and Planet.

Katie Schwerin is a family owner and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Badger. She is a strong advocate for business involvement in the local community and is responsible for spearheading and sustaining many of the social initiatives at Badger. Before joining Badger full time, Katie was a national leader in the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and class teacher at the local Waldorf School for 12 years. During that time, Katie was also instrumental in helping to develop department systems critical to the healthy growth of Badger. Seven years ago, Katie joined Badger full time. Katie directed both Marketing and Product Development, before settling into her role as COO. Now, Katie's time is devoted to working with the company leadership team to support the fast growth of the company, keeping the mission and principles strong, and continuing to enhance the social fabric of the company. In her spare time, Katie loves taking care of her two grandchildren, Maya and Dylan, maintains a very large and productive garden, and teaches economics to seniors at the local Waldorf High School.

Katie's Favorite Badger Products: Creamy Cocoa Everyday Body Moisturizer, Sleep Balm, & Sore Joint Rub.

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