Finding Your Match: How to Choose the Right Oil Cleanser

How to Choose the Right Oil Cleanser - Badger Blog

Figuring out how to choose the right oil cleanser for your skin type can seem a little daunting – especially if you’re still wrapping your head around the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). While there is no secret formula for finding the right oil cleanser, knowing your skin type and then understanding what your skin needs can make all the difference. After that, persistence and patience will be what carry you through. For most of us, finding the right oil cleanser for our skin is a lot of trial and error – but the results can be oh-so-rewarding!

Step One: Determining Your Skin Type

Here’s a simple quiz to get you started. (I feel that most of us can determine our skin type, however should you want a professional opinion you can always see a dermatologist.)

1. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels…

  1. Dull, flaking and/or tight.
  2. Red and irritated.
  3. Dry with some oily areas.
  4. No difference from night before.

2. After I wash my face, my skin feels…

  1. Uncomfortably tight but not irritated.
  2. Itchy, irritated, and generally unpleasant.
  3. Dry in areas, but overall pretty normal.
  4. A little dry, but my moisturizer takes care of it.

3. My biggest complaints about my skin are…

  1. My skin looks tired and has red patches.
  2. I can’t use anything on my skin without it freaking out.
  3. Dull and unhealthy.
  4. No big complaints, but my skin could look better.

4. My biggest worry when choosing a new facial cleanser is…

  1. That it will be too drying.
  2. That it will irritate my skin.
  3. That it isn’t nourishing enough.
  4. That I’m wasting my money.

5. What appeals to you about the oil cleansing method?

  1. I want to support my skin as I age.
  2. I’ve tried everything and nothing works without irritation.
  3. I want something nourishing to feed by skin as I cleanse.
  4. I don’t know – just seems neat!

Badger Damascus Rose Face Cleansing Oil - is it the right oil cleanser for you

If you answered mostly 1’s, you likely have delicate skin that leans toward the dry side. Your skin texture might have lost a little firmness, and may appear thinner with more fine lines. You might also notice fluctuations in your skin’s moisture levels accompanied by patches of dryness. The right oil cleanser for you is likely our Damascus Rose Cleansing Oil. The blend of real organic rose, chamomile, and lavender essential oils are calming and balancing and even exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. This formula has a lower percentage of castor oil, so it’s gently cleansing without being over drying. Not a fan of floral scents? The Unscented Cleansing Oil would work for you, as well.

Badger Unscented Cleansing Oil

If you answered mostly 2’s, you have sensitive skin. Anything and everything seems to stress your skin out, and you are probably dreading any changes to your skin care routine. Surfactants and sudsy soaps are not your friend. Take heart sensitive friends, the Unscented Cleansing Oil could be the right oil cleanser for you. Some “sensitive skin” formulas contain fragrance (yes, even the unscented ones!), as well as a host of chemical preservatives and emulsifiers – all of which run the risk of upsetting your skin. Our Unscented system is pure organic oils with zero fragrance added. Like the Damascus Rose cleansing oil, the Unscented has less castor oil, so it’s less drying while still getting the job done.

Badger Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil

If you answered mostly 3’s, you have combination normal to dry skin. For the most part your skin behaves well, but you might develop dry patches during season changes. Or perhaps your skin is just dehydrated, lacking some moisture that would really make it glow. Your best bet would be the Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil. This vitamin-rich formula has a higher percentage of vitamin A (thanks to the apricot oil) and a bounty of fatty acids to aid elasticity and give skin radiance. Jojoba oil helps to balance out oil production, meaning less dry patches in the future.

Argan Oil

Sometimes you get a little oily in your T-Zone, especially after washing with sudsy soap, but overall it’s all good. Honestly, you lucky 4’s, you could use any one of these cleansers since they all have jojoba oil. Jojoba would help to balance out your minor oil production issues, and that (plus some cleansing via castor oil) is all you really need. However, we made a blend especially for you: Argan Cleansing Oil. This cleanser has a higher percentage of castor oil, providing a deeper clean.


Step Two: Give it Time to Work

Some people will see results right away. For the rest of us – it will take a little time to adjust to a new skincare routine… One month to be exact. As we switch skincare routines it takes our skin time to adjust to the new regimen – so be sure to give skin enough time to get used to this new method of cleansing. Your skin care journey will likely require a lot of trial and error on your part, so try not to be alarmed if your skin gets worse before it gets better… this is common to new face care routines, and not unique to the OCM. Give it time to work, and drink lots of water in the process.

And as always, beautiful skin begins inside – so be sure to eat well, sleep well, and drink plenty of water in general!

Have you switched to the OCM? What was your experience? Post tips, tricks, and support for your fellow Badgers below!

Jentri Jollimore

Jentri Jollimore has been with Badger’s marketing department since 2008, and active in the natural products industry for more than 10 years. When she’s not handling PR and Social Media for Badger, she enjoys playing guitar, composing songs, and writing scores for short films.

Jentri’s Favorite Badger products: Damascus Rose Face Oil, Beard Oil, Seabuckthorn Beauty Balm, and Badger Balm.

28 comments on “Finding Your Match: How to Choose the Right Oil Cleanser

  • Hi, I got quite a few different answers to your questions and am not sure which oil to choose – I have a very oily T zone with acne on my chin, and some dark spots where acne was previously, but my cheeks are often dry/tight. I think my skin can be a bit sensitive as well, which oil would you recommend? Thanks!

    • Badger Balm

      Hi Sophie!

      It can be challenging to find your match because everyone’s skin is different. From what you described, and because we’re going into winter here in the states, I would recommend you try the Seabuckthorn. It contains lots of vitamin C and is suitable for dry skin. The oil production and acne should level out after 4 weeks of regular use (your skin might get worse before it gets better, as it adjusts to the new regimen), so if the Seabuckthorn doesn’t sound good to you I would opt for the Unscented.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.


  • Hello,
    I have been using the Damascus Rose cleansing and face oil for about 2 months. My dry areas is usually my nose and chin and around my mouth. In the beginning I saw a difference and was happy with my product, but after using it for about 2 months my face is getting dry again. Why do you think this is happening. I have been using it the same way from the beginning.

    • Badger Balm

      Hi Marilyn,

      It’s hard to say why that might be happening. It could be environmental, like weather change, or it could be caused by diet and/or food sensitivities. It doesn’t sound like it’s the result of the oil since you’ve been using it for two months with good results. At this point, it might be best to talk with a doctor or dermatologist about the issue.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  • Hi,

    FYI, I’m 26 and am currently using the Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil. I would like to switch my whole skincare routine to Badger.
    As I was saying I’m currently using the Rose Face Oil and what I’ve been experiencing is satisfying. However, in dry winter time it does seem a little not moisturizing enough for my face; but in other times it is totally fine. I did experience some oily forehead and nose wings sometimes, but other parts are smooth and nice to touch with.

    I’ve also taken the quiz and answers are as follow which I believe I’m of combination/dry skin?!

    1. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels…
    Normal with slightly oily forehead and nose sides under air-conditioner.

    2. After I wash my face, my skin feels…
    Normal in summer wet climate and a bit tight in dry climate (if left for awhile before applying moisturizer).

    3. My biggest complaints about my skin are…
    Dull and uneven skintone, gets oily or dry in different parts of my face.

    4. My biggest worry when choosing a new facial cleanser is…
    That it will be too drying or not cleansing my face thoroughly especially in summertime.

    5. What appeals to you about the oil cleansing method?
    Like dissolves like I guess?!And I also want something nourishing to feed by skin as I cleanse.

    Please help me choose my perfect Badger routine and thanks in advanced! 🙂

    • Badger Balm

      Hi Angel!

      Thanks for writing. From what you described it seems you do have combination skin so our Seabuckthorn routine might be good for you. In the winter, when conditions are more dry, you can dab Seabuckthorn Beauty Balm on the dry spots.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!


  • Christen says:


    I’ve been using the rose cleansing oil and face oil and love it! My skin is super dry and it just craves this stuff. I do have large pores and dull skin that drives me bonkers. From what I’ve read on your answers and blogs, I’m considering adding Seabuckthorn in some how for the Vitamin C – perhaps the balm? Or should I just stick with the rose? What do you suggest?

  • I took the quiz but still am unsure. I have older skin with few lines and dark spots. My biggest concern is that I am very oily in the summer months and even the cold winter months I tend to be a bit more on the oily side. Any thoughts?

  • So I have this wonderful combination skin that I am blessed with and likes to cause me all kinds of problems. Any seasonal change with throw my skin into a tantrum. During the winter I am very dry and require a moisturizer, but come spring and summer I swap to a shiny oil slick. All of which, especially the oily parts, cause acne, especially the forehead, around the jaw line and under the chin. Exciting right? When I wash my face, it gets dry and flakes. Facial moisturizers dont always work to combat this especially in the cold winter months.I have never used oil cleansing before due to my paranoia of getting worse and looking like a 13 year old. I am in my late 20’s and need to find something else that will help balance out my skin. I swear this is not a test, but do you have any suggestions as to what type of oil cleaning kit I should venture to try first. Maybe one that you recommend the most for this crazy type of skin? Any type of direction would be greatly appreciated. Store brands cause more problems with this and I want a more natural solution that will improve my skin not make it worse. Thanks for the help! 🙂


    • Badger Balm

      Hi Brittany!

      Thanks for writing! I would try the Seabuckthorn cleansing oil – it has a lower percentage of castor oil, so it’s not as drying. And it was formulated for combination skin.

      To help balance out your oil production, I would definitely pair with a Face Oil. The jojoba in the Face Oil helps skin to balance over time, and in the meantime it should help with the dry patches you’ve been experiencing.

      Just keep in mind that it will take time for your skin to adjust, and during the adjustment period you could experience breakouts… I would give this method 4-5 weeks of consistent use to see if it works for you. When I switched to the OCM my skin purged for several weeks. It was a bummer, but totally worth it in the end. 🙂

      Please let me know if you have any more questions!


  • I am stuck between the Seabuckthorn starter kit and the Argan starter kit. My main concern is the fact that I have blackheads and acne. I just need some guidance one which one I should choose for this particular concern 🙂

    Thank You,


    • Badger Balm

      Hi Kimberly!

      If I were you, I would try the Argan cleansing kit. While it is not formulated to treat acne, it has the highest percentage of castor oil (of all 4 lines) and provides the deepest cleanse. Hope this helps! 🙂


  • I love the unscented face oil, but I’m still trying to figure out my intensive care combination. I got the unscented deluxe kit and I love all the products but I still can’t seem to totally balance out my oily forehead and dry nose and cheeks. What cleansing oil and beauty balm should I be using (Seabuckthorn and Damascus Rose?)? I definitely have much more sensitive skin in winter and have more breakouts because of it, but my skin is more uniform in summer in regards to oiliness (winter: oily/dry combo, summer: oil/normal combo).

    I understand skin isn’t a “one size fits all” situation, just like my hair (I use all 3 oils based on the day and weather) but I’m still searching for the right combination. Can you help??

      • By which I mean:
        1) I wake up with an oily forehead and dry/normal everything else (season dependent)
        2) Post washing, my face feels tight and dry and, depending on the wash, (not)irritated
        3) My skin is very picky about what I put on it and I always get breakouts if my skin doesn’t like what goes on it
        4) I’ve wasted tons of money on cleansers and moisturizers and have never been satisfied, and lots of cleansers make my skin irritated
        5) I expect oil cleansing (and so far, yes it’s been good but not perfect) to help my skin not get irritated (though it has had a minor panic attack from my change in regimen and has sent me a package containing a minor breakout, which is now subsiding after 2 weeks of oil cleansing with the Unscented Cleasing Oil)

        That’s how varied my skin is, and I hope to find the right combination of products to help it heal (also my skin takes FOREVER to heal).

    • Badger Balm


      It takes a while for oil production to balance out. I don’t know how long exactly (a qualified dermatologist could tell you), but my skin seemed to take months. While your skin should adjust to the new regimen around 4 weeks, that largely means that you shouldn’t experience any breakouts. Imbalances in oil production take a bit longer.

      If you have sensitive skin, continue with the Unscented cleansing oil. If you’re out, you can try the Rose, but the Seabuckthorn has more castor than both the Rose and Unscented, and castor oil can be drying.

      You can use any Beauty Balm you choose! I love the Seabuckthorn, personally. It is chocked full of vitamins, and deeply moisturizes. You could try using it as a facial mask 2-3 times a week: just apply liberally to the driest parts of your face, leave on for at least 10 minutes (longer is fine), and gently dab away any excess with a soft cloth. Massage any remaining balm onto the rest of your face. This might be a good supplement to your cleansing oil ritual in winter. 🙂

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.


      • Whoops! Was writing some extra stuff when you posted a reply! Well it all seems to answer most of my questions!

        With my less-dry summer skin should I try a different Cleasing oil or stick with the unscented for my sensitive skin?

        What’s the difference between the Seabuckthorn, Argan, and Rose beauty balms, nourishment- and vitamin-wise? I love the Unscented one I have (I use it at night right now in the winter) but I wonder if I could give my skin some extra help right now with added vitamins or something.

        Thanks so much for all the help!!

        • Badger Balm

          Haha, no problem!

          The Unscented should work for summer too, but you can always reassess later on. My feeling is that if you still have some to use, might as well use it up! 🙂

          Each Beauty Balm has it’s own set of virtues… Here’s a mini breakdown:

          Seabuckthorn is based in sunflower oil, which is really light, and also features apricot oil (vitamin A), pomegranate seed oil (vitamins B and E), seabuckthorn oil (vitamin C), and essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, and geranium. It also contains antioxidant powerhouse rosehip.

          Argan is based in sunflower and argan oils, so it’s also really light. It also contains baobab, which is basically the African version of argan. Essential oils include orange, bergamot, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. This one contains antioxidant powerhouses rosehip and seabuckthorn.

          Rose is based in extra virgin olive oil, so it’s slightly heavier. It has rose oil of course, which is great for skin in SO many ways, and also essential oils of lavender and chamomile, which are very soothing to irritated skin. This formula contains antioxidant powerhouses seabuckthorn, calendula, and rosehip.

          Unscented is based in sunflower and olive oil, so it’s not too heavy and not too light. Of course there’s no essential oils, but it does contain antioxidant powerhouses seabuckthorn, calendula, and rosehip.

          Each ingredient in each formula is minimally processed and raw… so each ingredient adds to the formula (example: EVOO has a ton of antioxidants by way of polyphenols and vitamin E). For your purposes, I’d go with the Rose or the Seabuckthorn. The essential oils in the Rose could help to soothe your dry skin if it becomes irritated. The Seabuckthorn would provide lots of vitamins, and both provide a ton of antioxidants.

          Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!


  • I recently purchased the Unscented Face Care Starter Set and brought it with me on two back-to-back winter trips: one to the southwest and one to the northeast. It worked amazingly well, combating both the southern humidity and the New England dry cold; and it cleared up the acne and dehydration that had developed in response to the traditional cleanser I’d been using prior to my travels. My skin is usually pretty even-tempered, until a solution – or a seasonal transition – strips it of its natural oils; and then it has a tantrum. The Oil Cleansing Method has been keeping my skin in the best of spirits, through all sorts of climate changes. What’s more: this is the first winter in years that I’ve not had a dull, pallid complexion. The oils are retaining color and luster as well as moisture. Cheers, Badger!

  • Tyler Nottingham says:

    My wife has been having trouble with her facial skin for as long as I can remember. She has very sensitive skin, so I found this product and she was interested in it so I purchased it for her. She has been cleaning her face only using salt walter with a light wash cloth wipe. As soon as the new Badger products got here she started using it but after about 1 1/2 weeks she is not getting the results she is hoping for. She is breaking out again with large bumps, just 1 or 2. It was going so well until a certain point and now she is scared to use the product as she is worried it might be worse for her skin. Her technique is to rub the facial cleanser in to her skin, then get the wash cloth hot and do a hot press for a few seconds, no wiping. Then jump into the shower and just throw some water on her face to wipe away the oils. She seems to think that the oil moisturizer that is second may be too much for her skin, she thinks it may make her break out more. So she has resorted to going back to the salt wash as she. Is there anything she can do different, maybe she isn’t using the products like they should be? Thanks

    • Badger Balm

      Hi Tyler,

      Thanks for writing. A couple of things come to mind…

      The first is that skin generally takes about 4 months to adjust to a new cleansing regimen. Likely she is going through a purging phase, which is totally normal. Her skin is used to salt water, and now is getting used to oil. They work very differently. So if she’s able (without too much strife) to keep going for another few weeks that should give her a better ideas as to whether the OCM is right for her.

      Another thought is around her oil removal method. Since water doesn’t remove oil, by not wiping the cleansing oil off of the skin she is not removing the soiled oil. Since castor oil works by dissolving dirty oil, it’s essential that it be wiped away to ensure that the dirty oil is gone. There will still be some residual oil, but not much. This might help with her feelings around a second oil moisturizer too, since she’s probably got a lot of cleansing oil left on her face. And she only needs to use a few drops of the moisturizing oil – as much as she’s comfortable with – or she can omit it all together, as it’s not essential to the process (but they do work best together!). 🙂

      There are some suggestions to get you started – hope they help! Please let me know how it works for her. And if she really doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to continue that’s ok too! Everybody’s skin is different, and it’s about finding what works for us as unique, marvelous individuals. So if you bought it from give us a call and we’ll let you return or exchange it. If you purchased elsewhere you should be able to return it to them too, since we honor all returns 100%. 1-800-603-6100


  • Heidi Hartman says:

    I have mature skin, mildly dry in the winter,
    brown spots and lines…..Which line would be
    best for helping to lightening the spots and
    lines and hydrate without excess oil……
    PS – I bought the seabukthorn oil last week on impulse.
    Hoping I made the right choice..and will get the oil cleanser
    – depending on which line you recommend – after I use up the
    cleanser I have.


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