Global Climate Strike

Global Climate Strike

The global youth movement is sounding the alarm on the climate crisis. Ever since Swedish student Greta Thunberg went on strike in August 2018, students around the world have organized school strikes demanding bold climate action. This September, youth are calling on all of us (individuals, business leaders, change-makers, public officials and everyone in between) to join them in catalyzing action in our communities. As a sustainably driven business and a B Corp, we’re answering the call by joining and amplifying the #ClimateStrike. Will you join us?

September 20th kicks off a week of action. Millions will walk out of their workplaces and homes to demand immediate, just and equitable climate solutions on scale with the crisis before us.

How you can get involved

Join a Climate Strike

Find a rally near you at

Donate to the Youth Climate Action Fund

Consider donating money to help support the movement. The Youth Climate Action Fund provides financial support to local youth strike groups who apply for funding.

Spread the Word

Help mobilize, amplify, and encourage participation. Talk to neighbors, family, friends, teachers and administrators at your local schools. Empower and support young people in joining a strike.

What we’re doing at Badger

Closing our office

The building will be shut on September 20th to allow employees to volunteer at local regenerative farms, and participate in local climate strikes. 

“Green Out”

On September 20th, for 24 hours, our website will be closed for business. Visitors to our website will instead find #ClimateStrike messaging and a call to action.

Amplifying #ClimateStrike

We’ll use all our communication channels to get the word out during the days of the strike.

Donating 5% of all sales to AmazonWatch

From Sept 16-27, five percent of all sales generated on will go to to assist in efforts of protecting indigenous lands and preserving the lungs of the planet. 

Are you ready to join us? Share what you plan on doing to support #ClimateStrike this September.  

4 comments on “Global Climate Strike

  • Kenneth Acheson, Ph.D. says:

    I encourage you to be more scientific regarding the climate change. It is a hoax after all. The major green house gas is water vapor, not CO2. CO2 is plant food. CO2 levels decrease over thousands of years to about 150ppm, below this level plant life ends. With the industrial revolution CO2 was put back into the atmosphere and the planet is greener. Note that green house operators pump CO2 into the green house to promote plant growth. Search the internet for science on global warming. Not just opinions, science data.

    • Kenneth, we appreciate your thoughts. Please know that care is at our core here at Badger which means we take great care in all that we do; from formulating for those we care about to where and how we source our ingredients, staff lunches, and sticky notes. We are meticulous researchers and align with the overwhelming consensus of the global scientific community that climate change is of great and urgent concern. As a family owned company that is operated by and for families, we cannot ignore the growing need to protect our next generations as we strive in our mission to “protect, soothe and heal.” While CO2 in and of itself is not always a negative, it is a demonstrable contributor to the warming trend we are experiencing. It is the scale of the warming, not the greening, that is of great concern.

  • This is so interesting. I love the Badger Balm products I purchase regularly on this site, but I am growing increasingly uncomfortable ordering anything online for carbon footprint reasons. I applaud your participation in the effort to “preserve the lungs of the planet”, but can you help me justify the cumulative effects of shipping your products?

    • Thanks for the great question, Robin! I suppose the best short answer is that if you have a physical mailing address (as opposed to a PO Box), you could always add a note on your order requesting that we ship via UPS. Our UPS shipments are carbon neutral (more on the program here: Someday, we hope to have an option like this available right on the website that you could select for when checking out.

      But to dig in to your question, this is an area that we are actively examining. Since 2015, we have been conducting a yearly assessment of our Scope 1 & 2 emissions (think heating, cooking, electricity). This year, we are taking up the work of including Scope 3 emissions (think everything from employee travel and commuting to the creation and transportation of packaging, ingredients, and finished products… just to name a few). It’s a daunting project, but we are really excited about the prospect of having a comprehensive understanding of where our carbon impact is greatest and how we can address it. If you haven’t seen it, you might really enjoy checking out our 2018 Impact Report. This is part of what’s so powerful about being a B Corp; through these publicly disclosed assessments, you get to see exactly how we walk our talk:

      Additionally, we work hard to pack shipments as efficiently as possible and with materials that are more environmentally friendly than conventional alternatives. Proper packing allows for each package to take up less space, and therein maximizes the carbon footprint efficiency- i.e. more items per metric ton of CO2 emitted. And of course we do not use plastic (unless its re-used from a shipment we received from someone else) in our shipments.

      Ultimately, we live in a complex, ever-changing world and deeply empathize with anyone trying their best to do the right thing, as we do here at Badger. We constantly strive to find better solutions, but are limited by the nature of the world in which we live. That’s why we put energy into advocating for climate-friendly policies and seek to push legislators, leaders, and citizens to help transform the world into a more just, inclusive, healthy place. Thank you for being part of this momentum!

      In kindness, Emily


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