Gluten-Free Peanut Noodles + Giveaway!


Did you know that Badger is a Certified Gluten-Free facility?

Did we ever mention how much we love certifications? Gluten-free is the latest in a long line of certifications we’ve obtained to take the guesswork out of our claims.

We’ve always been committed to making simple, healthy products. Almost all of our products – with the exception of sunscreens, soaps, Diaper Cream, and Lip Tints & Shimmers – have always been gluten free. However we recognize that it’s important for those of you who have gluten sensitivity, or dietary concerns about gluten, to have accurate information to make informed choices.

In other words: you don’t have to take our word for it!

To help clearly identify the gluten-free status of our products, Badger is now certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). This is one of the top certification programs in the world. And we want you to have peace of mind knowing – without a doubt – that Badger products are free of gluten.

Badger uses certified organic olive oil to flush and clean any machinery used during the production of our balms in tins and massage oils. A portion of the batch is also purged prior to production to avoid any potential cross-contamination. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards following current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics.

The following products, which are produced outside the Badger facility, may contain the potential allergen of gluten:

  • Soaps, including Rose Geranium Face & Body Soap, which contains finely ground oatmeal.
  • Sunscreens (produced on machinery that also produces products containing wheat ingredients).
  • Diaper Cream (produced on machinery that also produces products containing wheat ingredients).
  • Lip Tints & Shimmers (produced in a facility that also produces products containing wheat ingredients).

Click here to see a selection of all certified gluten-free products.

Now let’s celebrate with some gluten-free peanut noodles! Here’s Chef Pam’s yummy recipe, a perennial favorite among us Badgers.

Gluten-Free Peanut Noodle Recipe

Enter to win a bundle of Gluten-Free Badger goodies below!



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82 comments on “Gluten-Free Peanut Noodles + Giveaway!

  • Robyn Engelman says:

    Best thing today so far is watching 2 cords of wood being dumped on my driveway and thinking about cozy winter evenings by the fire while I clean out the raised beds to make room to stack the wood!

    Also want to comment about 7th Generation! So sad that they have caved to the money! I love their cleaning products and have always been willing to pay a little more for non-toxic and eco-friendly detergent and cleaners. It’s like Tom’s of Maine and Burt’s
    Bees all over again! These companies either do not understand or they do not care that huge profit driven conglomerates can simply never maintain the same level of commitment to the greater good that a smaller grass-roots family company can! I hope the Badger family will always keep their wonderful company in the family!!

  • The best thing I experienced today was soup I made. It was my first time using this recipe and it was delicious. I love when I find a new staple.

  • Teresa Johnson says:

    Yesterday I had a mishap with an elevator door leaving my left hand bruised and one finger “peeled” deeply. The best part of today is no elevators to encounter, my hand is feeling fine, and later I’ll be doing some arts & crafts projects and playing with my hedgehogs.
    BTW, Badger products are great for the hedgies too! We had a mishap one day at an educational event. One of the girls nipped another on the foot. I had the plain cocoa butter lip balm and rubbed a bit over the cleaned wound as a moisture barrier and prevent dirt getting in. She loved it and went on as if nothing had happened.

  • The best part about my day today was a package I got in the mail. I bought a cute lunch bag handmade with a drawing of a cat wearing a crown of flowers, and a awesome reusable cloth napkin. I ordered them from a small business, love supporting small businesses. I recently lost my job and these two cute and sustainable items lift my spirits to go out there and keep looking for a new job So I can use them

  • “What’s the best thing you experienced today?”

    All of my dogs getting along, for the first time in several weeks. Two are older, and our new puppy is now 76lbs and is too big, plays too rough for them. They tend to be impatient with him, now that he has outgrown them, but things are slowly improving.

  • Today was a beautiful day. Husband and I visited Senior Center for the first time and had a great time. Didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel very welcome. Husband and I have used several of your products and all of them work extremely well. In fact, I am ready to place another order. Recommend all of these products!! You won’t be sorry.

  • The best thing that happened today was having a good day at work!
    My boss went to a series of meetings and so the office was very laid back, and a coworker and I had a fun morning discussing Stranger Things from Netflix

  • Cindy Willard says:

    Today was a good day because I had fun teaching my 7th & 8th grade science students! They always make me laugh and I am so impressed by their positive attitudes!

  • Kathleen DiMartino says:

    best part of my day was taking some time to care for myself after a few days of suffering from a migraine. Did a hair mask, lip scrub, and worked on my blog!

  • HumaneEccentric says:

    The best thing I experienced today was also a not-so-good thing…..helping my husband get rid of a severe muscle cramp in his back. He’s had 2 back surgeries but he hasn’t had any problems for years, until now. He bent over to put his socks on and WHAM! Instant cramping. I love being useful, especially when it involves getting rid of pain. I was really wishing for your Sore Muscle Rub – thinking I’ll get some today.

  • Badger products are awesome and you keep making them better & better. I started with your lip balms (the best ever anywhere) & have expanded out to most of your lines. Keep up the fabulous work. ❤️

    • I haven’t decided yet. I actually have somebody in mind for the lettering, but I’m trying to figure out how I want it to look first, and how I want it done. O_o I REALLY REALLY hate the TP in-house lettering.However, Jeremy just let me know they want to put this up on Takuhai, so maybe somebody will actually use my tips. XD

  • Kelli Schulenberg says:

    Thank you for making almost all of your products gluten free! I have Celiac Disease and this makes me happy! I hope eventually your sunscreens will be GF, as well.

  • Bethany Craft says:

    I woke up this morning to do a load of laundry in the community facility – and a women that is moving out gave me all of her vegetable plants! She also gave me a plant stand for them – and I love the timing and the thoughtfulness of the whole situation! 🙂

  • Picking up my step son with his baby 10 month old sister from school after him being at his moms for a week, & with the beautiful fall like daughter absolutely loves her brother and makes her so happy, feel so grateful for my family

  • Today I submitted work to a literary magazine that requested rights to publish me before, but I was too nervous at the time and declined their offer of publication; I am trying to be more open to opportunities. Thanks, Badger, for the lovely giveaway – and for your outstanding commitment to creating quality products! I appreciate how you don’t merely make claims like most companies, you back them up with certifications and research. It’s great to know there’s a brand out there that makes health, and the science behind it, a priority. Cheers 🙂


    We (my 3 kids and I) ate lunch outside on the patio, and we managed to clean up before the deluge hit. It was peaceful and delicious (organic quinoa, red grapes, and Texas-style baked beans).

  • The best thing I experienced today was that I had mentioned to my older daughter I had a big headache and my 4 year old daughter hugged me then kissed my forehead. It was so sweet of her. Made my day 🙂

  • Waking up to a smiling 7 year old is always a great start to the day putting him to bed with a story is another moment I love it ties my day together. Thank goodness for Badger products to get me through the parts of my day when he is at school!

  • I love all the Badger products I use…The best part of my day was purchasing a cool door from 1800 from an old farm house…for only $20….

  • Jennifer Foster says:

    That recipe for peanut noodles looks delicious! The best part of my day was napping while my 2 year old napped – 3 whole hours!

  • The best thing I experienced today was receiving two large bags of girl clothes from a family friend for my 17 month old. It’s such a blessing because now she’s set until she’s 4 with clothes!

  • Veronica Bohan says:

    My adorable kids eating their peanut butter sandwiches with smiles and not rubbing the peanut buttery hands all over my walls

  • It’s wonderful that you are so contentious as a company! I’m allergic to wheat (it’s not a gluten issue, it’s a true allergy), and body care products containing wheat have irritated my skin. I generally do stick to gluten-free body care for this reason. I’ve never had any reaction with any of your products, not even the ones that are not certified. Then again, I might not react the same way to a trace amount as someone with a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease would. Thanks so much for being a human-friendly company (as opposed to a synthetic, allergy-based, and toxin-based company that isn’t human-friendly.) 🙂


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