Happy New Year from the Badger Family

Happy New Year from Badger Bill, Katie, Emily, Rebecca and Maya:

“We’re talking to you from our house in Gilsum New Hampshire, a town of 800 people. However we sell Badger all over the world. It’s amazing to us that it comes from this little town and goes everywhere.

“We sell to all sorts of people – those who are tall, short, wide, thin, bouncing – people who are faster than the slowest turtle, or slower than the fastest turtle!

“We’re really grateful that you use our stuff all over the world. We sell to people of all different cultures, and races, and religions, and we honor you whoever you are, wherever you are.

“And we want to wish you all a very happy new year.”

(Maya: “well, I don’t know about the bouncing!”)

Happy New Year from the Badger Staff

From our extended Badger family to yours, we wish you good health, good luck,
and an abundance of love and kindness in 2016 and beyond!

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