How to Choose the Best Mineral Sunscreen

Congratulations! You have made the switch to a reef friendly, mineral-based sunscreen. No more endocrine disruptors, no more synthetic chemicals and carcinogens, and no more coral reef bleaching! Now all you need to do is choose the best mineral sunscreen for you…

But Badger, you make so many incredible sunscreens! How is a person to choose the right one?

Fear not, outdoor adventurer! We have three simple categories to choose from: Daily, Active, and Sport. And within each of these categories, we offer both non-nano zinc oxide and clear zinc oxide options. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

SPORT SPF CREAMS: Moisturizing and water resistant (80 min) for surfing and other sports.

SPF 40 Clear Kids Mineral Sunscreen

Meet our most popular sunscreens! Offering at least 80 minutes of water resistance and boasting the highest SPF values for Badger sunscreens, no wonder these sunscreens fly off the shelves. Our Sport line offers two creams and two face sticks, making sunscreen application super convenient for any on-the-go Badger.

When to use Sport sunscreens: Surfing, swimming, playing outdoor sports, cycling, and dancing at festivals.

ACTIVE SPF CREAMS: Moisturizing and water resistant (40 min) for beach, swimming, and activity.

SPF 30 Lavender Clear Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Cream

These are our most versatile sunscreens. Offering at least 40 minutes of water resistance, they won’t sweat into your eyes and are the perfect pairing for all of your active adventures. With a wide range of SPF values, fragrances, and even color (yes, we have a tinted sunscreen!), we’ve got the perfect match for each person in the family.

When to use Active sunscreens: Hiking, going for a quick jog, doing yard work, kayaking, running through the sprinkler, and jumping in the pool.

DAILY SPF LOTIONS: Easy to apply and non-greasy lotions for everyday wear.

SPF 30 Clear Lotion Mineral Sunscreen

Our Daily sunscreen lotions are our lightest blend in skin feel and texture. As a water-based formula, they are non-greasy and a breeze to apply. One important thing to note, however, is that they do not provide water resistance. This means they are well suited for everyday use around town but not an ideal choice for water-based or sweat-inducing activities. The Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion is a great option for full body coverage while the two Rose options are a perfect daily face sunscreen.

When to use Daily lotions: Walking, as a face moisturizer in the morning, enjoying a BBQ in the back yard, and winning at a game of corn hole.

Still have questions about which sunscreen to use?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Ask us in the comments below!

What’s the best sunscreen for…

  • my face? Just about any of our sunscreens are great options! We would suggest any of our Daily Lotions as they are super simple to apply. Try the Damascus Rose Face Lotion if you’re looking for an added aromatherapy boost. Need something more water resistant? Our Clear SPF 30 Unscented would be our next choice!
  • my baby/children? All of our sunscreens are incredibly safe to use. However, our favorites for babies and kids are our SPF 35 Baby Cream and our Kids line. We took our basic SPF 30 Unscented Cream formula and added a few extra ingredients to make options specifically for Babies and Kids of all ages! Need further proof that these products are safe for little ones? All of our Baby and Kids sunscreens are hypoallergenic, and our SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen is even Pediatrician Tested. Now that’s some safe sunscreen!
  • sensitive skin? Again, we only make simple and safe sunscreens. However, we would recommend any of our unscented sunscreens as they will have the most basic formulas.

Don’t forget that the best sun protection is staying in the shade and covering up with extra layers. When you are trying to choose the best mineral sunscreen, though, no matter the occasion, we have the perfect option for you. Happy outdoor adventures!

Check out Badger’s Mineral Sunscreens.

18 comments on “How to Choose the Best Mineral Sunscreen

  • Kaitrin Downey says:

    Has the Badger Damascus SPF 25 Face Sunscreen Lotion been discontinued? I had picked some up at my local health food store but don’t see it for sale on your website?

    • Alas, yes. We are so sorry to say that we are no longer be able to manufacture our 3 water-based Daily sunscreen lotions, the Rose, the Rose Tinted, and the Unscented, due to an ingredient shortage. You may still find these on Amazon while supplies last (and our last run of the Daily SPF 30 Unscented will be back in stock on our website shortly). The good news is that we are reformulating and expect to have wonderfully light, vegan, and water resistant versions for 2022.

  • I’m looking for a zinc based sunscreen that does not contain palm oil & is cruelty free. I’ve tried several Australian made zinc oxide sunscreens but the white caste never disappears. Is your Damascus Rose ss effective at covering the ghost haze?

  • Is there a difference in formula between the clear zinc natural mineral sunscreen cream and the new lavender clear active natural mineral sunscreen cream?

    • There is no performance difference between any SPF 30 within the Active line. The Clear Lavender has additional essential oils for fragrance and is the first fragrance we ever introduced in our sunscreen. It has been a long time favorite. We hope you like it!

  • Laura Smith says:

    Dear Badger,
    I LOVE your tinted zinc oxide sunscreen and clear zinc product. Also, just purchased the Kid’s Sunscreen, can’t wait to try it.
    My question is can you formulate an SPF 50 tinted facial and SPF 50 body sunscreen along with a cocoa based SPF 50 lip balm? Sorry for the tall order but for those of us who work outside, it’s a must. Please let me know. ☺

    • Hi Laura, thanks so much for the suggestions! I will gladly add these to our official suggestion log. Unfortunately, however, an SPF 50 is actually tough to achieve without the use of synthetic chemicals. On the bright side, the SPF scale is not linear, so at an SPF 30, you are already achieving 97% protection whereas an SPF 50 only brings you up by one percentage point to 98% protection. There’s a fun graph on our SPF information page, if you’re interested: Thanks again for sharing your ideas!! All the best, Emily

  • What is the difference between the kids and the unscented for the sports version? Just the scent? Something else? What is the smell of the kids’ version like? Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for asking, Mariana! All of our sunscreens are safe and effective for any member of the family over the age of six months. The Kids version was formulated by popular demand and smells like a creamsicle. The fragrance profile is the main difference but we did conduct additional pediatrician review for both our Kids and Baby formulas. We hope you find a good fit for your family! Kindly, Emily

      • Nice! So then if a picky kid does not like the creamsicle scent, using the unscented version would be pretty much the same? I got confused with the pediatrician part. Like, you mean it’s just more tested, but it still is made with the same same ingredients as the other (plus the scent)?

  • If you’re putting sunscreen on daily for sun protection, but not sweating too much, just going about your day, how many times should you reapply?

  • Miranda R. says:

    I have been using your Badger sunscreens throughout the summer and have had a tough time with it getting on my clothes and swimsuit and not coming out. Are there any tips for removing it from clothing? Or a specific cream or lotion that does not stain as much? I have currently been using the Active Badger Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream.

    • Hey Miranda! Great question. If you let the product soak into the skin for a few minutes before letting fabric touch it directly, you can reduce the chance of stains. It is best to rub the product onto the skin well and let sit for a moment to allow the mineral particles to spread out evenly over the skin. The best way to remove a zinc oxide and oil stain is by applying watered down rubbing alcohol (50/50) directly to the stain then dabbing gently to lift the stain.

      If you do not have alcohol on hand, stains resulting from natural oils may be removed that same way you would remove a salad dressing stain: apply a dish soap directly to the stain (because regular laundry detergent does not contain oil-removing properties), then launder as normal. It usually does the trick!

      As for different sunscreens, have you tried any of our Clear Zinc sunscreens? Those definitely have a less-whitening effect, although are still initially white.


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