Love & Intention: How We Create Products

Badger Bill with some of our favorite raw ingredients

Badger’s philosophy of formulation is pretty simple: we create products for people that we love, and we share them with the world.

But what does that mean exactly?

It means that when a friend, a loved one, or a Badger fan contacts us with a product idea — we listen. Sometimes we create a product because many people have asked and we see a need for it. Sometimes we create a product just because we really want to and think that you might love it too.

We create products for the people we love and then share them with the world
Inspiration + Creation + Medicine Art = Badger Products

It means that when you call or write to us, a sincere and caring Badger in our customer service department answers your questions, addresses your concerns, and passes along your product ideas to our product development team.

It means that when you get a Badger product, you know that it was created with love for someone we love. And that the same care we would put into making something for our sisters, fathers, or children also goes into the products we make and ship to you.

How does Badger create products?

After we decide what products to create, we spend a lot of time doing research; we look at what we’re trying to create and what would be the best ingredients to achieve it.

Once we have a basic idea of which ingredients to use, we start by making test batches in the secret Badger lab. We give versions of those test batches to friends and loved ones (and try them ourselves too) to decide what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes this process takes weeks, and sometimes it takes years! But we won’t release a product until everyone is absolutely delighted with the way it works, feels, and smells.

During this testing phase, one of our amazing artists will begin working on custom art for the packaging. Badger Bill calls this “medicine art.” We believe that the art on the outside is just as important as what goes inside the tin, bottle, or tube. Think of it this way: when your nose is stuffed up and you’re not feeling well, doesn’t looking at a smiling, cozy Badger help you to feel a little better?

Aromatic Chest Rub tin art by Ginny Joyner

Once the formula is finalized, we make a pilot batch, which is an amount larger than what we make in the lab but smaller than an actual “run” of the product. It’s kind of like a dress rehearsal for the product. Packaging is then printed, and voila, we do a full run of the new product and send it off to you.

Badger business was formed out of kindness and respect. Respect for one another and the planet we all share. We hope you love using our products as much as we love creating them!

Have a great product idea? Post it in the comments below!

9 comments on “Love & Intention: How We Create Products

  • ObviousFanboy says:

    Oh man, I’ve gone through so much of Badger’s stuff, I have bought pretty much everything and am hardly ever disappointed.
    Personally, I’d love to see some shampoo/conditioner types, to accompany your awesome Hair Oils… The new Tea Tree and Lemon balms were inspired too and easily my new favourite product… And I love the oil cleansers/moisturizers too!
    A stronger aromatic chest rub would be lovely… Some deodorant would be great too… Or I’ll just leave you guys up to it but good God, please hurry up! ❤️❤️

    • Greetings!

      Thanks for writing. It makes us really happy to hear that you love our stuff! We have shampoo/conditioner on the “future products” list, but as it requires all new equipment for us to manufacture, I don’t have any idea when it might come out. But we’re definitely thinking about it! We’ve received other feedback regarding our Aromatic Chest Rub, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted if we create an extra-strength. And we have a lovely deodorant formula, but we’re searching for just the right packaging… we don’t really want to use plastic, but more sustainable options drive the price up. So, we’ll keep you posted on that, too!

      Thanks again for writing, and have a fabulous day!

      • Robyn Engelman says:

        Hi Jentri, I want to comment on the packaging issue with regard to the up-and-coming Badger deodorant. When I was growing up, my grandmother had a deodorant that came in a little flat glass jar, very similar in shape and size to a standard Badger Tin, and she used to apply the deodorant with her fingers. She let me try it once (long before I needed it 🙂 and I remember that it was a very silky smooth crème, almost a balm in texture. So, what about simply putting the new Badger deodorant into a regular Badger tin? Most badger fans are pretty down to earth people who appreciate simplicity, and guessing the new deodorant probably smells wonderful, most would probably not mind having to apply it with their hands. Plus, not putting it into a stick might give more wiggle room for variations in consistency or texture of you decide to develop different fragrances that don’t all lend themselves to being put into a stick formula. Plus, we all love the tins, and it’s affordable! Well, just an anecdotal suggestion!

  • Robyn Engelman says:

    I would love to be able to purchase a Badger toothpaste, all natural with responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients, no SLS or any artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, etc., made with the same love and intention as all your other products! Although there are a few other similar products available, some of those companies have sadly been swallowed alive by huge corporations and are no longer family owned, and other smaller companies still seem to place profit above responsibility. Badger is different! I trust Badger and I love every Badger product I have ever tried! I have no doubt that if you accepted the challenge of making a toothpaste that is up to Badger Standards it would be fabulous in every way! 🙂


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