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Badger Mineral Lip Tints

I have hardly been able to use any other Badger lip balm since the release of our newly reformulated Mineral Lip Tints. They are lovely, smooth, moisturizing, smell heavenly, and look gorgeous. Still have questions about what makes these new Mineral Lip Tints so delightful? You’re not the only one. Here is an inside look into what questions we are frequently getting about these new products.

Are these new?

Yes! Even though we took a pre-existing Badger product and improved it, these Lip Tints are technically a new product. Read on to discover what makes them so unique.

I see that these have a new fragrance. Why did you add Rose and Vanilla?

When we reformulated the base ingredients for these new Lip Tints, we decided to experiment with adding a subtle fragrance. Inspired by our popular holiday lip balm, Chai Rose, we fell in love with the more subtle fragrance combo of Damascus Rose and Vanilla. We can’t get enough of it!

Do you have unscented lip tints?

Not at this time. However, if we get enough demand for this, perhaps it could be one of our next products!

So, no more double-sided stick?

Nope, and for a few reasons. Number 1: The double-sided packaging was hard to recycle. We are constantly striving to find ways to ethically source both our ingredients and our packing. While we recognize that the packaging is still plastic, it is now a plastic #5 which is easier to recycle than the mixed plastic the original double-sided sticks came in. Number 2: The two sides proved to be a little…tricky. Do you twist at the top? At the bottom? I’m twisting and nothing is coming out. Oh, there’s another side! And now it is all smashed. Who wants that confusion? We certainly don’t. So now these Lip Tints are in the same packaging that our beloved Classic Lip Balms come in. Easy, simple, more product, less waste, and all with a lower price tag. What’s not to love?

What color should I choose? 

We have three different shades and one shimmer, perfect for any occasion. Here’s how I like to use each of the different options:

Opal Shimmer Mineral Lip Tint

Opal Shimmer – Perfect for summer days when I want a little sparkle but not too much color. Alternatively, this shimmer works great when needing to add little bling to your brow, temples and upper cheeks.

Rose Tourmaline Mineral Lip Tint

Rose Tourmaline – This delicate hue is lovely when I’m wanting just a little color on my lips. Gentle, subtle, and perfect for a little pick-me-up.

Red Jasper Mineral Lip Tint

Red Jasper – I adore using this color when I’m feeling spunky and want my lips to pop. This lip tint goes with me when I go out on the town.

Garnet Mineral Lip Tint

Garnet – This is definitely my go-to! Swipe it on once for a little added color or swipe it on a few more times for a darker, sophisticated look. Day or night, this works wonders. Additionally, this is the only blush I use these days. Apply a few strokes directly to the cheeks, rub in, and voila! You have beautiful, natural-looking color on your cheeks and your lips, all from a single tube of ethically-sourced ingredients.

Badger tipTry layering the Opal Shimmer on top of any of the hues for a nice, added sparkle to your day.

How dark are the Lip Tints?

This depends on how much you apply. One gentle swipe will be super moisturizing and will give you a gentle tint. However, if you’re looking for even more color, I like to apply numerous swipes to darken the color. In our new formula, we added organic Carnauba Wax and increased the amount of Beeswax to provide more staying power and to allow for shade variation when more product is applied.

Are the colors the same as the old formulas?

Yes! (Although we are no longer making the Copper hue.)

Why did you discontinue the Copper tint?

While we loved this color, it was not a fan favorite. When deciding which four tints bring forward into this reformulated line, we chose the top-selling  tints from years past, which, unfortunately, meant not continuing with Copper.

Did we miss anything? What questions might you have about these new tints?

Caity Stuart has been at Badger for five years and has loved every minute of it. Caity loves a good story (who doesn't?). Luckily, as the Digital Content Manager for Badger, she gets to put her creative hat on and dream up new ways to tell the Badger story to customers near and far. When not enjoying free lunch at Badger, Caity loves practicing yoga, going on crazy adventures with friends, and exploring the numerous trails throughout New Hampshire. Caity's favorite Badger products: Badger Balm for Hardworking Hands, Seabuckthorn Face Cleansing Oil, and Tea Tree and Lemon Balm Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

8 comments on “Mineral Lip Tints FAQ

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am so upset that I will no longer be able to obtain the copper lip balm anymore. None of the other colors match my coloring and it’s difficult to find copper colored products anywhere.

    • Hi Elizabeth! We share your pain. It is never easy to say “goodbye” to the products you love. I am actually nursing the last of my copper lip tint as we speak (it was my favorite, too). You are the only one who will be missing this lovely color. I will make sure our Product Development team knows how much this product will be missed. Should they look to expand this line in the future, hopefully, they will consider adding this color back in the line-up! -Badger Caity

  • Rose tourmaline, red jasper, and garnet have zero shimmer? The pictures look a little sparkley to me so I was just curious if that’s correct. Thanks!

    • Hi Amy! Good eye! The Rose Tourmaline, Red Jasper, and Garnet Lip Tints do indeed have a slight shimmer to them, although not as pronounced as the Opal Shimmer. In fact, the Rose Tourmaline, which boasts a delicate, pinkish hue, has a similar shimmer level as the Opal Shimmer. This isn’t the case for each of the Tints, though. I’d say the Garnet has the least amount of shimmer. Does this help? Let me know if you have any more questions!


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