On Badger’s 20th Birthday

"Angels over Earthlings" by Badger Bill Whyte
“Angels over Earthlings” by Badger Bill Whyte

I’m sitting by the front door at Badger, writing and reflecting on the previous 20 years. October is Badger’s birth month. October of 1995 is when I first went store to store in my lime green carpenter’s van selling our one product, Badger Balm. Today, the sky is blue, the trees are tinted with a bouquet of fall colors, and my heart is filled with wonder and appreciation for what we’ve been able to achieve.

You probably already know things about our new building, amazing product line, and B Corp status. But the things about Badger that you can see are like a butterfly’s chrysalis. They contain a miracle. It’s hidden inside and waiting to emerge.

Things like love, kindness, compassion and generosity are powerful invisible forces that find expression in the visible world in the ways that Badger goes about its business.

You can see reflections of the Badger’s inner spirit in the tins and bottles that we craft. It also becomes visible through charitable giving, through our day care and babies at work program, and as we say in our mission statement, “in the ways we treat each other and the people we serve”.

"Cheerful Spirits Assigned to Grumpy People" by Badger Bill Whyte
“Cheerful Spirits Assigned to Grumpy People” by Badger Bill Whyte

This year, we are in the midst of doubling the size of our beautiful building, and we are bringing in amazing array of new equipment. And as always, we are taking loving care of the building and grounds. Perhaps the new building is the spinning of a cocoon. Within, we are making ready for transformation. What lies ahead? What form will emerge over the next twenty years? I do know that whatever we become, we’ll do it in the spirit of compassion, generosity and kindness! What mystery, adventure and fun!

Hey, thank you for your kind support, and for the good you do in the world.


-Badger Bill


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Bill Whyte is the Founder of Badger. He started Badger back in 1995 in his kitchen when he made some balm for his carpentry cracked hands. In addition to his continued work here at Badger, Bill is a black belt in Aikido, an avid gardener, an artist, and a delighted grandfather. Bill's favorite Badger products: Ginger Massage Oil, Cheerful Mind Balm, Seabuckthorn Hair Oil, and Navigator Class Man Care (all of it!)

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