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If you were to call Badger HQ and ask any Badger what their favorite employee benefit is, you’d likely hear “lunch!” at least a few times. However, just don’t try to call and ask us in the middle of the day. That’s when we turn off the phones to eat Badger lunch together.

The Badgers enjoy lunch in the sunshine, 2012.
The Badgers enjoy lunch in the sunshine, 2012.

The origins of Badger lunch started long before my time here. Iris, our director of sales who’s been with Badger for more than fifteen years, tells me that way back when Badger Bill started making soup for everybody on Fridays, he would give it fanciful names like “King Mustapha’s Spicy Lentil Surprise.” But from what I understand, it was mostly just different variations of lentil soup, week after week.

Seems like a pretty simple way to make people happy. Clear eyes, full bellies, can’t lose! However, as simplistic as this concept seems, like most of Badger’s policies, it speaks to the kind of company that Badger is.

Badger is not just a company. We’re a community.

As you enter our main entrance, the first thing you’ll see is our kitchen. We also call it “the great room” because it’s the only room in the building that will hold the entire staff. And it’s where we hold meetings, celebrations, and industry events.

Like the kitchen in your home, it’s a place for chatting, laughter, and of course breaking bread together. Delicious, organic, local bread.

Peter (packaging supervisor) leads a stretching exercise to start off a company meeting.
Peter (packaging supervisor) leads a stretching exercise to start off a company meeting in the kitchen/great room.

Turning off the phones midday and giving everyone the opportunity to sit and eat Badger lunch together is a special benefit. It strengthens our community, and the bonds we have with each other.

And I haven’t even told you about the food yet!

We have a full-time chef, Pam, and a kitchen assistant, Tal, who prepare fresh, home-cooked organic meals every day. During the summer, they utilize lots of fresh ingredients from the Badger garden, as well as from our local farmers market. We have fresh bread delivered every week from Orchard Hill Breadworks, located just up the road. Even the salad dressings are made from scratch.

No wonder we’re such cheerful Badgers!

Pam (left) and Tal (right) keep us full, happy Badgers.
Pam (left) and Tal (right) keep us full, happy Badgers.

The lunch program is not about making money for the company. The rewards are much greater for both Badger and its employees. So help us thank Pam and Tal in the kitchen, as well as Badger, for this amazing benefit!

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Jentri Jollimore has been with Badger's marketing department since 2008, and active in the natural products industry for more than 10 years. When she's not handling PR and Social Media for Badger, she enjoys playing guitar, composing songs, and writing scores for short films. Jentri's Favorite Badger products: Damascus Rose Face Oil, Beard Oil, Seabuckthorn Beauty Balm, and Badger Balm.

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