It’s Organic Rose Harvest Time + Giveaway

It’s a special time of year – it’s rose harvest time!

It's organic rose harvest time in Bulgaria!
Rosa Damascena

Here in New Hampshire spring is just starting to bloom. However in the Valley of Roses in central Bulgaria, harvesters are handpicking the roses that will eventually be processed into Badger’s pure organic Rosa damascena oil.

A few Badgers have been fortunate enough to see the process first-hand. Seeing the way our ingredients are harvested and processed connects us more deeply with the natural world and the people who steward the land.

Rose harvest time is certainly dear to my heart, as Badger’s Damascus Rose line is some of my favorite stuff ever. And even though the products have many magical qualities, it’s really the rose oil that makes them so special.

Damascus Rose Harvest

By the numbers

Rose oil is exceptional. For starters, it takes a lot of rose petals to make oil. 6,200 pounds of fresh rose petals (from approximately one million rose flowers!) make 16 ounces of rose oil.

Badger uses more than 500 ounces of organic rose oil a year.

Let that sink in for a moment.

To put it differently, it takes more than 2.5 tons of fresh roses to fill a single pint glass with rose oil.

The amount of rose oil we use in our Damascus Rose Beauty Balm is the equivalent of about 1.2 pounds of fresh roses.

Special processing

Another key point about the rose harvest is that the fresh petals must be steam distilled as soon as possible. Precious oils within the rose petals start to evaporate – both in the sun and in transport. By combining the petals with water as soon as possible after picking, our supplier is able to retain as much of the complete rose aroma as possible.

In contrast, other suppliers use dried rose petals and chemical extraction. Neither of which will produce the “true rose” aroma found in our products.

Lastly, we want to acknowledge the dedicated harvesters, who begin picking rose petals as early as 4 am and finish at about 11 am. Under those circumstances, the roses not only keep most of their oil but also some of the morning dew, which helps them retain even more precious oil.

Each harvester picks around 40 – 50 pounds of rose flowers a day.

All of this is done to ensure that Badger has the freshest, purest, and truest rose oil.

PS: there’s a video coming soon!

To celebrate we’re giving away 5 jars of our amazing Damascus Rose Beauty Balm to 5 lucky winners! 

Enter below to win one of five (5) jars of Damascus Rose Beauty Balm!

Contest is open internationally, 18+ Full terms and conditions here:

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