Re-gifting the Gift of Badger with Infinite Love

Re-purposing Badger tins and gifting with love!

If you’re anything like me, you get a little sad when you reach the end of a beautiful tin of Badger Balm. Infinitely recyclable as our tins are (thank you, Independent Can Company), I still pause over my recycling bin with a little tug on my heartstrings, each time it’s time to say goodbye. Empty tin stashes in window sills, drawers, and various surfaces around the home, anyone?

Have heart, dear reader; there is a solution! As the holiday season approaches, we thought we’d share a clever idea for re-use (and re-gifting) your beloved Badger tins to share the Badger love, infinitely.

Gifting with Infinite Love

This season, I set out to make holiday ornaments with my empty collection of Badger tins. The idea was to take an empty tin, punch a hole in it to fasten a loop, and add a family photo or love note within for whomever I was gifting the ornament to. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1.

The hole-punch. Now here’s where you need to know that if I can do this, you can do this. I am NOT crafty. But in the interest of making this a successful experiment, I tried a couple of methods.

Technique number 1: Hammer and nail. The first attempt was low tech – just a hammer and a nail. To prevent the tin from crumpling from the impact, I tried a suggestion from the “interweb” and filled about ¾ of the tin with water. Then I froze it. With a tin full of perfectly tin-shaped ice, I was able to take a hammer and nail to the narrow edge without hurting the tin. Fortunately, I had access to a table vise for a better grip, but with care, you shouldn’t need one.

Gifting Badger Ornaments Step 1 - freeze water in tin
To prevent the tin from crumpling from the impact, fill about ¾ of the tin with water and freeze overnight.
Gifting Badger Ornaments Step 1 - making a hole in the tin
With a tin full of ice, you can easily take a hammer and nail to the narrow edge without hurting the tin.

Pro tip: To avoid scuffing the tin when using a table vise, try swaddling your tin in a towel or rag:

Swaddle that tin!

Technique #2: The drill. The handy thing about drilling is that I didn’t need to wait for water to freeze – the tins were able to survive the pressure of drilling without crumpling. The hardest part was trying to increase the speed on the drill without the drill bit dancing around. You might try experimenting with making a little divot with a hammer and nail first to keep the bit in place. The downside is that you really do need a table vise for this one. CAUTION: Please do not attempt holding the tin while drilling; you will need to push down and the bit will be very hard to stabilize!

Gifting a Badger Ornament using a drill
Drilling a tin is for experienced Badgers only. Be sure to wear eye protection and never hold the tin with your hands.

Step 2:

The crimp. Now, this part may seem optional, but it’s probably the most important. You’ll need to take some needle nose pliers to crimp down any sharp edges of metal that poke through to the inside of the tin. These edges are sharp and could cut you or the poor unknowing recipient of your Badger tin. For safety’s sake, please be sure the edges are folded down.

Step 3:

The love note.  Here’s where you can get as creative as you like. Maybe you want to decorate your tin or add love notes to the recipient. Personally, I was thinking of these gifts as little time capsules, so a family photo will be my first add, but maybe there’s a cartoon or something that will bring a smile to your dear one’s face. To add a pictorial backing, just trace the tin and cut to the inside of your traced line. You can use tape or those little double-sided scrapbook adhesives (which are amazing) to anchor the image in place.

Et voila!

Gifting a Badger Ornament step 3 - et voila!

Step 4:

The loop. This part is self-explanatory. After carefully threading string through the hole, I did have some trouble tying a knot to keep it in place. I recommend embroidery thread or something easy to thread through a small space. One trick that helped was putting my loop around a pencil so that it didn’t pull through the tin while I tugged and pulled and knotted the ends.

Now, it’s time to trim the halls with boughs and balms, tra la la la laaaaa….

Wishing you all a very kind, warm, and full-bellied holiday season, friends!

Emily M - Part of Badger's Awesome Customer Service TeamEmily Mason has been a cheerful member of the Badger Customer Service team since 2011. Before coming to Badger, she studied environmental advocacy and organization at Antioch University New England and fell head over heels in love with the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. When she’s not answering product questions or meeting the needs of customers and retailers from near and far, she can be found actively parenting the next generation of Badger enthusiasts and adventuring in the area by foot, bike or canoe.
Emily’s favorite Badger products: Rose Tourmaline Lip Tint, Badger Balm Unscented , & Baby Sunscreen.

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