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Reward Volunteers - log time and win prizes!

We know you Badgers are out making the world a better place… so why not be rewarded for it?

Cabot Creamery Co-operative is one of our favorite B Corporations – and not just because of their amazing cheese. So when they told us about a program that rewards you for volunteering, we just had to share! Liz McSpiritt from Cabot Creamery has written this guest post to introduce you Reward Volunteers, a new program that rewards you for the good work you already do. 

Service to Others…Benefits for You

By Liz McSpiritt, Marketing Programs Manager
94 Percent of Volunteers Report Feeling Happier

We all know that volunteering can help make our communities stronger by helping those in need…but did you know that it can help you, too? It’s true! Research has shown that when you volunteer, you feel happier and stay healthier.  Volunteering can improve both your mental and physical health, with lower mortality rates and lower rates of depression when comparing those who volunteer to those who don’t. Additionally, studies have found that the more people volunteered in their community, the happier they were…so when you give time, you get happy!

Volunteers feel a deeper connection to communities and to others


Volunteering can also help you feel less stressed and more connected to your community; and can lead to a greater sense of self-confidence, studies have shown. A recent report also shows that volunteering during a period of unemployment increases the likelihood of finding employment by 27%.  This benefit can be related to increasing your skill set while volunteering, expanding social networks, and having a greater sense of self-confidence.


If all that isn’t enough to get you out in your community doing good, the farm families who own Cabot Creamery Co-operative, along with Points of Light, National Cooperative Bank and Create the Good, want to promote volunteerism in your community. They’ve created Reward Volunteers, a free, easy way to both find volunteer opportunities in your area and to track the time you spend volunteering in your community, while you earn rewards for your contributions. Cabot has amazing prizes from fellow B Corps, including Badger Balm, Dansko, and Seventh Generation, plus you can win cash for your nonprofit organization!  Learn more about how Reward Volunteers works, watch the short video below!

Now in its fourth year, Reward Volunteers has been used by 3,500 people, logging 270,000 hours to the benefit of 4,000 organizations. Whether you volunteer at a local food pantry, help clean up a neighborhood park or give time to your school’s PTA…you are giving where it counts.

If you would like to learn more about Cabot Creamery Co-operative, find delicious recipes, or take a virtual tour of some of our 1,200 family farms, click here.

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