Stand Up for GMO Labeling

This week, members of the House of Representatives are getting ready to vote on the anti-GMO labeling bill H.R. 1599, appropriately dubbed by opponents as the Deny Americans the Right to Know – or DARK Act.

According to Just Label It, a non-profit formed in 2011 to educate and advocate for GMO labeling, if the DARK Act passes it will:

  • Preempt all state GMO labeling efforts;
  • Make it virtually impossible for the Food and Drug Administration to ever require mandatory labeling nationwide;
  • Codify our broken voluntary labeling system;
  • Block states, counties and municipalities from regulating GMO crop production to protect human health and the environment;
  • Allow “natural” foods to contain GMO ingredients.

As a GMO-free company and a big believer in transparency, Badger is committed to using only the purest, safest ingredients backed by third party certifications, including USDA Organic. In order for a product to be USDA certified organic, it must contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients and the remaining 5% must be safe ingredients from the USDA approved list. Achieving certification is lengthy and very strict process, so when you see the USDA Organic logo on Badger products, you can be certain that not only are our products completely free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, but they are also GMO-free.

When you see the USDA Organic logo you can be certain that the product is GMO-free.
When you see the USDA Organic logo you can be certain that the product is GMO-free.

Shouldn’t you be able to experience the same level of labeling transparency in every product you purchase? Shouldn’t you deserve to know what’s in your food?

Yet despite the fact that polls show over 90 percent of Americans supporting a mandatory labeling law, without our collective voices raised in unison, the DARK Act could pass!

Please read this special message from Badger Bill regarding GMO labeling…

“To me, this is not political. This is just an issue of truth and honesty in labeling. I want to know what’s in my food and I want you to know also. If GMO labeling was mandatory, you could simply read the label with the complete freedom to choose or not choose GMO food.

The House Ag Committee has forwarded the “DARK act” = “Deny Americans the Right to Know” to the House for a vote. This act is opposed to meaningful GMO labeling of food. The vote will be happening soon and it can make a big difference if people contact their congresspersons and tell them they are opposed to the passage of this bill, which would reverse labeling decisions already made in many states and would preempt both states and the FDA from requiring GMO labeling in the future.

If companies such as Quaker Oats and Monsanto are proud of their GMO ingredients, they should spend their money praising and promoting the fact instead of spending millions to oppose mandatory GMO labeling. If they’re not proud of the ingredients, they shouldn’t use them.

I could say a lot more, but I’ll leave it at that!

I’ve included a link to “Just Label It’s” Nine Things You Can Do.” Congress will vote on the DARK Act soon. If you are in favor of this labeling, please contact your congressperson soon to tell them you are in favor of mandatory GMO labeling!”

Thank you! Badger Bill & Maya

Bill and Maya

Click here to tell your member of Congress to protect our right to know what we’re eating by voting NO on H.R. 1599!

Bill Whyte is the Founder of Badger. He started Badger back in 1995 in his kitchen when he made some balm for his carpentry cracked hands. In addition to his continued work here at Badger, Bill is a black belt in Aikido, an avid gardener, an artist, and a delighted grandfather. Bill's favorite Badger products: Ginger Massage Oil, Cheerful Mind Balm, Seabuckthorn Hair Oil, and Navigator Class Man Care (all of it!)

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