Ten Things that Make Badger Unique

You might be thinking this post will be all about our products, but there are other things that make us Badger Unique. Like how the company is run, and some of the magical things that happen within the walls of Badger HQ. So here are ten things you might not know about our company – things that really make us special.

1. Our CEO hangs out by the front door.

It’s just a couple of chairs and tables near the front door, but our CEO and Head Badger Bill calls this area “the vortex.” While he does have a desk here at HQ, he prefers to sit in the vortex to chat with employees, answer emails on his iPad and greet visitors at the door. He also likes to talk with all the new temporary workers hired to help with the upcoming busy season. And if anyone wants a tour of the new construction – even better!

Badger unique: Badger Bill hanging out in "the vortex" by our main entrance.
Badger Bill hanging out in “the vortex” by our main entrance.

2. Monthly company meetings start with stretching.

Before we launch into the latest and greatest in Badger business, Badger Bill or sometimes another employee (like Peter here) will lead the group in stretching exercises. There are probably scientific reasons for doing this, but we do it because it feels really good. The most popular stretches are the ones that involve the wrists and fingers since every Badger has hardworking hands.

3. Badger publishes a weekly newsletter for employees

The header for Badger's internal newsletter

“What’s Up Badger” contains all of the Badger-related news that’s fit to print! It includes company news, new employee introductions, building updates, and B2B (Badger to Badger) classifieds. There are also cool facts and sometimes even caption contests where the winners get to choose their favorite Badger lunch.

4. Wellness Fund

Every year Badger offers its full-time employees a “Wellness Fund.” This is an account that reimburses Badgers for things related to wellness that are not covered under our health insurance. Like massages, office visit copays, gym memberships, and other things that contribute to each employee’s overall well-being.

5. Chair massages offered every other Friday

Every other Friday, our good friend Zach drops by to give Badger employees the opportunity to use their afternoon break for a 15-minute chair massage. While the massage is not free, employees can use monies from their Wellness Fund. Trés Badger Unique.

Badger Emily enjoys a chair massage at Badger HQ

6. Last Thanksgiving our co-founder invited everyone over for dinner

Badger Katie, our COO and co-founder, wanted to make sure that everyone had somewhere to go on Thanksgiving. So she sent a company-wide email extending an invitation to her and Badger Bill’s house. This is unique even for Badger, but it gives you a glimpse of the heart of the Badger business: kindness.

7. In the summer, we ALL enjoy the Badger garden’s bounty

Pam and Tal (our cooks) use most of the vegetables from the Badger gardens in our daily organic lunches. And if there’s a surplus, employees get to take home the goodness. Last year, we had bumper crop of chard, beans, tomatoes, and even some herbs! And if certain plants are being thinned, employees are offered starters for their own gardens.

Anastasia was delighted with last year's lettuce crop in the Badger garden!
Anastasia was delighted with last year’s lettuce crop in the Badger garden!

8. Organic: not just for our products

Our daily shared meal is organic. Our employee snack store is stocked with organic goodies. Our coffee and tea are fair trade and organic. Our cleaning supplies are natural, non-toxic, and made from organic ingredients. Badger doesn’t just create organic products – we support organic with all of our purchasing decisions.

9. We have an employee Sustainability Committee

How many paper towels are we using? Ask the Sustainability Committee. I did, and it turned out that when we measured two weeks of waste, five pounds of our waste was made up of paper towels and napkins. Thanks to their recommendations, Badger now uses state-of-the-art hand dryers instead, so now we use a lot less paper towels. Just how much less we’ll find out after a follow-up audit in April. The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to look at Badger’s environmental impact under a magnifying glass and make recommendations for improvements. You will be hearing more from them in a future blog!

We have other committees and advisory circles as well, such as the Charitable Giving Advisory Circle and the Safety Committee. These committees and groups give every Badger the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process on stuff that matters to them.

10. We know you’re as UNIQUE as we are

Badger Unique is a state of mind that we share with all of you. We know you’re all wonderfully unique and doing good things out there in the world. And we’re proud to have such a diverse and wonderful group of like-minded Badgers that love our products (almost) as much as we do!

So thank you for being a big part of what makes us Badger Unique.

Comment below to tell us how you are Badger Unique!

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