The Real Reason We’re Selling Olive Oil (giveaway)

Were you surprised to learn that Badger is now offering organic extra virgin olive oil on There’s a really good reason why! (And no, we’re not planning to become a grocery site.) Keep reading to find out, and enter to win one of 5 bottles we’re giving away below!

We are absolutely enamored with the organic extra virgin olive oil we use in our products. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we use the same EVOO in our products as we do in our organic daily lunches. And almost every Badger employee purchases this remarkable oil to use at home. After all, this very same oil is used in gourmet kitchens all over the world!

So long story short – this stuff is just too good not to share! We wanted to give our Badger fans the opportunity to enjoy the amazing quality of organic extra virgin olive oil from Soler Romero in Spain. And is the only place to get it stateside – for a limited time.

From the time that Bill began making Badger Balm in his family kitchen 21 years ago, only food-grade ingredients have been used. As Bill was creating Badger Balm for Hardworking Hands, he reached for the most powerful emollient in his kitchen: pure extra virgin olive oil.

As Badger grew, so did our consumption of extra virgin olive oil. It was many years ago that we first asked Soler Romero to supply their award-winning organic extra virgin olive oil for our products. Now we use more than 10,000 gallons a year!

Anti-Bug Balm made with organic extra virgin olive oil

It’s true that there are cheaper EVOO brands on the market. However, really good EVOO is like a fine wine. Soler Romero EVOO is single-source, meaning the olives used are grown only on the Soler Romero family-owned estate. The oil is pressed within three hours of harvest, and stored with meticulous care. Every process that is in place has one purpose: make the best EVOO and keep it as fresh as the day it was pressed.

Check out this video to see the whole process!

We have very limited quantities of EVOO available for sale on our website, including a limited edition First Harvest pressing. Because we only order from Soler Romero a couple of times a year, it may be a while before these products are restocked. So don’t delay!

Enter below to win one of five bottles of 250ml extra virgin olive oil. Full contest rules here:

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