Three Reasons to Moisturize with Body Oil

Badger's three body oils: Unscented, Damascus Rose, and Vanilla Orchid

Several years ago I broke up with lotion. It was an amicable parting, and we remain friends. But body oil stole my heart, and we’ve been blissfully happy ever since. Here’s our story.

Once upon a time, I recoiled at the idea of applying straight oil to my skin. I had been taken in by the “oil free” craze and thought that any application would result in a greasy mess of acne spots and despair. Back then (aka “pre-internet”) I was only familiar with baby oil or scented bath oils, and in my mind, they were all made of pore-clogging butter. Considering I knew people who would baste themselves with baby oil like a giant turkey in the sun, this seemed logical at the time.

But how times have changed! Not only have I come to love body oil, I now believe it is a superior moisturizer and will never go back to lotion. Since I’ve made the switch, my love for oil has only increased. So here are three of the most compelling reasons to switch to body oil.

Body oil makes your skin feel amazing

Amazing might be an understatement. It makes your skin feel… velvet-like. Silken. Like a million down feathers. Like lamb’s ear, or an ear of a lamb.

For me, the biggest difference is that it doesn’t leave a tacky residue like lotions can. I gently smooth a few drops of oil on slightly damp skin, and within minutes, it’s soft, supple, and radiant.

This may seem like exaggeration – I’m the first to admit that I’m in love with the results of body oil. But I believe that you’re likely to have a similar experience. So poetic musings aside, using is believing. You should try at least one bottle of body oil in your life.

Organic vanilla orchid body oil by Badger

Body oil is concentrated and long-lasting

Lotion moisturizes your skin by mixing oil with water. Water serves two functions: it has an immediate skin-plumping effect and also helps the oil to absorb quickly into the skin. The flip side is that when you add water to a product, you must also add emulsifiers to keep the oil and water mixed, as well as preservatives to ensure that the product doesn’t grow bacteria.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that! However, when you consider that a lotion is just delivering oil to your skin, why go through all that trouble?

To achieve the same results simply apply a body oil right after emerging from a bath or shower, while the skin is still a little damp. The moisture on the skin helps the oil to absorb quickly, and because it’s so concentrated you only need to use a little bit. (Use half to a quarter of the amount of lotion you would normally apply.)

You might be missing the skin-plumping that the water provides, but that too comes with a caveat. Water is constantly evaporating from the skin, which means the plumping is short-lived. And sometimes your skin could look even worse after being hydrated and dehydrated with water. Oil, on the other hand, helps your skin to retain water. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin for the whole day.

Body oil = simple skin care

Since body oil is either a single nourishing oil or a blend of exotic oils, in either case, it is simplistic skin care at its finest. But don’t let the simple ingredients fool you! By using organic, minimally processed, food-grade oils you are literally feeding your skin. Cold pressed, steam distilled, and CO2 extracted oils retain their rich profile of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids. I think this is why I saw a visible improvement in my skin almost immediately.

The simplicity is especially good news for those with allergies and/or sensitivities. You can look at the bottle and know immediately what is contained within the product. And in the case of Badger’s body oil, you can be certain that there are no hidden irritants like pesticide or extraction residue, thanks to the USDA organic certification.

Body Oil is a simple and effective moisturizer

What do you think of body oil? Let us know in the comments below!

Jentri Jollimore has been with Badger's marketing department since 2008, and active in the natural products industry for more than 10 years. When she's not handling PR and Social Media for Badger, she enjoys playing guitar, composing songs, and writing scores for short films. Jentri's Favorite Badger products: Damascus Rose Face Oil, Beard Oil, Seabuckthorn Beauty Balm, and Badger Balm.

7 comments on “Three Reasons to Moisturize with Body Oil

  • I’ve been using the argan cleansing oil and face oil and love those, so I want to add a body oil into the mix. I’m really intrigued by the vanilla orchid, but I’m concerned that the fragrance won’t mix well with the cleansing oil or that it will be too strong. Any advice? Is there a way to purchase a sample size before making the big investment?

    • Hi Kelsie!

      Great question! I just did a very “scientific” test where I mixed the Vanilla Orchid and Argan Face Oil on my hand, and they actually work really well together. They both have a floral/citrus aroma, and the vanilla seems to compliment it really nicely.

      Essential oils tend to evaporate quickly (unlike perfumes which contain ingredients to prolong the scent), so I don’t think the combination would be overpowering at all.

      We don’t have sample sizes, but we guarantee our stuff 100%. So if you purchase it and are not happy, simply contact us and we’ll make it right. 🙂

      And remember that body oils are SUPER concentrated! So this 4 oz bottle should last you a good, long time.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Hi! I was wondering if there were any large differences in the 3 Body Oils you have (other than scent) and if so, what the main effects of them are/what they’re best suited for? I currently have the Unscented and ADORE it but I also have keratosis pilaris on my arms (little raised bumps that look like whiteheads minus the heads) and used to have excema, so I wonder if one oil is better than the other for those issues — or if they all work the same.


    • Hello Mini Cooper Girl!

      Thanks for writing again. The biggest difference in our Body Oil blends are the essential oils. Rose oil has properties that enhance the beauty of skin, but other than that it’s really all about fragrance. So I would say that if you’re loving the Unscented, you should stick with that! 🙂

      None of our products are marketed for the treatment of eczema. However, if your dermatologist is recommending a product that contains calendula, both the Rose and the Vanilla Orchid contain this wonderful skin-soothing ingredient.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.



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