Welcoming in the New Year with Aikido

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I study a martial art called Aikido. It is often referred to as “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and is characterized by high-speed attack and a flowing, blending, high-flying circular response. Hard to explain, amazing to experience. I especially like the feeling of flying through the air and landing gracefully when thrown!

Almost every New Year’s Eve, my dojo holds an evening class to welcome in the New Year. My wife Katie and I both attend. As I’ve grown older, I’ve also grown especially appreciative for my continued health and for the health of my family. An Aikido class is mind-expanding, humbling, rewarding, exciting and centering.

My study cultivates a peaceful spirit and reminds me to be grateful. A fine way to welcome in the New Year.



Black Belt Aikido

Bill Whyte is the Founder of Badger. He started Badger back in 1995 in his kitchen when he made some balm for his carpentry cracked hands. In addition to his continued work here at Badger, Bill is a black belt in Aikido, an avid gardener, an artist, and a delighted grandfather. Bill's favorite Badger products: Ginger Massage Oil, Cheerful Mind Balm, Seabuckthorn Hair Oil, and Navigator Class Man Care (all of it!)

One comment on “Welcoming in the New Year with Aikido”

  • Carlos Alvarez says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for sharing this and glad to see that you are welcoming the new Year staying active. One of my goals as well is to exercise more this upcoming year in order to stay as fit and healthy as possible (as you pointed out in the article).

    Glad you and Katie had a good time.


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